Get Tom Brady’s Look With His Favorite Vegan Hair Paste


International monthly men’s magazine GQ tests a lot of grooming products. “We have an entire walk-in closet full of them,” the business writes.

Of all the products it endorsed in 2018, one vegan haircare product in particular caught the attention of GQ’s readers. According to the magazine, it’s being purchased more than any other item. It’s even the favorite grooming product of New England Patriots quarterback and TB12 founder, Tom Brady.

Called v76 by Vaughn’s molding paste, it was created by entrepreneur Vaughn Acord, who GQ describes as a “men’s hair whisperer.” Acord’s styling client list apart from Brady includes big names like Al Pacino, Lou Reed, and Bruce Springsteen.

Said to be gentle on the hair and easily rinsed out, the v76 gel offers hair flexibility and texture. Depending on whether it’s applied dry or towel-dried into hair, users of the product can achieve various looks. The vegan hair gel suits a wet slick back, a dry morning tousle for texture, and “everything in between,” GQ says.

The molding paste’s ingredients are all plant-based. Rhubarb extract offers deep, long-lasting hydration, Irish moss extract and birch leaf extract strengthens hair, whilst slippery elm extract fortifies and detangles. It is free from parabens, petroleum, gluten, mineral oils, and is cruelty-free and vegan. “It’s what a hair paste should be in 2019,” according to GQ.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Haircare

V76 by Vaughn advertises on its product labelling that all of its products are vegan or vegetarian, tapping into the growing market for animal-free beauty.

A new vegan grooming range, called Kings, launched last year. King’s has a vision to “redefine what masculinity means;” 20 percent of the profits from the range are donated to men’s mental health charities, breaking down stigmas surrounding men and mental illness whilst producing products that are ethically made and animal-free.

Cruelty-free brand Lush just launched four vegan protein shampoos. Made with aquafaba, the liquid leftover in cans of chickpeas, the shampoos incorporate plant-based ingredients like silken tofu, linseed oil, horsetail herb, and even caffeine powder to leave hair healthier than ever.

You can purchase v76 by Vaughn’s molding paste online for $21.