Giant Vegan Chris Hemsworth Donuts Are Now a Thing Because Why Wouldn’t They Be?

Giant Vegan Chris Hemsworth Donuts Are Now a Thing Because Why Wouldn't They Be

UK-based vegan-friendly donut chain Doughnut Time will launch giant donuts the size of your head on June 1, National Donut Day.

Reported by Pretty52, Doughnut Time’s giant donuts, called “Mega Doughnuts,” will be 18 centimeters (a little over 7 inches) in diameter and are meant to feed up to four people. Vegan donut lovers can enjoy the “Chris Hemsworthy,” a red velvet donut topped with cookies and cream icing, cooking crumbles, and a dairy-free chocolate drizzle, no doubt inspired by “Avenger” actor Chris Hemsworth who adhered to a strict vegan diet while preparing for the role.

“Doughnuts the size of your face? What a time to be alive,” Pretty52 noted.

“To launch London’s first Mega Doughnut has been a dough dream come true,” said Doughnut Time UK managing director, Tom Anderson. “We can’t wait for our fans to step up their sweet treat game and tuck into this mighty feast with friends this Doughnut Day.”

Earlier this year, Doughnut Time launched vegan Bailey’s Almande donuts for National Vegetarian Week. The bakery is not alone in providing vegan donuts to the UK; London-based Crosstown Doughnuts sells only vegan donuts at its two newest locations. Dough Society, London’s first vegan donut shop, also opened earlier this year.

While donuts are no substitute for a salad or steamed vegetables, vegan donuts made without eggs and dairy products are healthier than traditional donuts. Avoiding animal products reduces the risk of health risks such as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Doughnut Time will offer its giant donuts for £15-£22 and customers who need more than one giant head-sized donut will be able to pick up a triple pack for £49. They are available for preorder via the shop’s website now or will be available at the Shaftesbury Avenue, Notting Hill, Old Street, Westfield Stratford, and Victoria Street locations on National Donut Day.

Image Credit: Doughnut Time