21 Gifts a Vegan Would Want to Receive This Christmas

As Christmas draws near, finding the perfect gift can start to feel stressful. If you have a vegan in your life, this task might seem even more complicated. To make it a little easier, here are 21 things a vegan might want this holiday season.

21 Gifts a Vegan Would Want to Receive This Christmas

1. Books

Check out this list of books on living a more conscious life. There’s also a great range of vegan cookbooks, see some here!

2. Vegan-Themed Clothes

There are so many great slogans on different kinds of accessories. Just be mindful of items made from animal products, such as wool and leather. For vegan clothes, check out Herbivore Clothing. You can find this organic bag here.

3. Podcast Playlist

Looking for something without a price tag? A little more unique than a mix tape?
Create a playlist of vegan podcasts (and any other kind they might like) for a thoughtful and personal gift. Here are some to get you started.

4. Visit An Animal Sanctuary

Animal-lover is a common trait among vegans. A trip to an animal sanctuary near you is sure to make their day.

5. Chocolate

A safe option, because chocolate is rarely disappointing. Some good choices are chocolate penguins, almond and sea salt caramel truffles, white chocolate or Cadbury’s dark chocolate.
You can also check out some vegan chocolate advent calendars.

6. Chutney Spreads

For the vegan cheese lovers out there, these classic chutneys are the perfect thing to include in a spread.

7. Adopt an Olive Tree

For something a little different, consider adopting an olive tree on their behalf. You’ll receive an adoption pack straight away, including a certificate and information booklet- great to wrap up and put under the tree. Then, each quarter your friend will be posted classic and flavored olive oil from their very own tree.

8. Alcohol

See here for a comprehensive list of vegan alcohol. You can also check out some vegan-friendly champagne here. You’ll get brownie points for choosing an alcohol they not only like, but is also free of animal products.

9. Snack Box Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving, a subscription to a monthly snack box will surprise and bring joy to the receiver each time it is delivered.

10. Vegan Leather Shoes

This brand uses hemp and even pineapple leather for their products. This company creates high heels made from apple leather. Alternatively, you can find some great vegan boots for men and women here.

11. Home & Bath Products

LUSH make beautiful cruelty-free bath bombs. There are some great homemade vegan candles you can order online, as well as vegan soap. Get a gift basket of these items here.

12. Herb Garden

Great for cooking or to spice up the home a little. You can find herb plants or seeds at most supermarkets. Alternatively, get a herb garden kit online.

13. Colouring Book

Colouring in has become increasingly popular among adults for stress relief or as a relaxing pastime. A vegan or animal themed coloring book is the perfect way to personalize the idea. See this coloring book here.

14. Blender

A blender is a vegan’s dream come true. The best smoothies and soup can be made, as well as meal prep for plenty of recipes. They fall within a wide range of prices to suit many budgets.

15. Assortment of Vegan Snacks

Putting together a hamper of vegan snacks from local stores and online finds is a great way to get involved and show you care. Some options include traditional favorites, like marshmallows and candy. Alternatively, you could find some more unique snacks such as kelp jerky.

16. Tattoo Voucher

One for the ink-lovers. Purchase a voucher to a vegan-friendly tattoo parlour for a personal gift. You can search online to find tattoo artists in your area that use vegan ingredients, or try calling some venues to ask. Your friend will appreciate you going the extra mile.

17. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

This grow-your-own Christmas tree kit allows your friend to test out their green thumb. This unique gift may take time, but the journey will be an enjoyable one.

18. Grocery Store Voucher

A voucher or gift card for a supermarket is a hugely underrated gift. It is something that will definitely be used and will allow your vegan friend to purchase some treats they might not normally get.

19. Donate to an Animal Rescue Centre

There are so many wonderful organizations for all kinds of animals that need support. Donating to an animal rescue center on behalf of someone is the perfect way to help continue the great work they do, and you just know a vegan will be grateful for it too.

20. Plants

Succulents, cacti or another type of plant would all make for a thoughtful addition to a vegan’s household. Buy them online or from stores local to you.

21. Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring an animal on someone’s behalf is a unique and personal gift. Usually, these sponsorships come with information and frequent updates on the chosen animal. You can adopt an emperor penguin chick, an elephant, a bear, a meerkat or flamingo, among many others.

Looking for smaller gifts? Check out our list of stocking fillers.
Happy holidays!