Celeb Chef Launches New Vegan Friendly Healthy ‘Junk Food’ Chain in London

Last week a food powerhouse comprised of award-winning, TV chef Gizzi Erskine and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson announced their food popup, Pure Filth, at the Tate Modern art gallery.

These were not burgers that were made overnight, nor were they a product of random experimentation. Erskine worked tirelessly for over a year to develop these burgers and to bring them up to the level she wanted. They will be priced around £9, with £20 being the cost of a ‘happy meal’ which includes a burger, salad, side, and drink (we have high hopes for portion sizes!).

While the pop up hopes to satisfy junk food cravings, the food itself is monumentally healthier than its animal-based alternatives. Filled with micronutrients, servings of vegetables in every meal, and hearty proteins like black beans, black lentils, and black quinoa, the food aims to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

The pair has also confirmed that they will be making their pop up a permanent fixture in an undisclosed location in 2018. This would be the first of three potential locations, with the second two not yet confirmed. And while Pure Filth is a powerful, tasty showing for plant based food, Erskine says it’s about more than that. For her, it’s about “challenging the maxims that fast food cannot be healthy, and healthy food cannot taste great.”

Let us be the first to say that if Gizzi can inspire others to make fast food a healthier, more diverse option, we will be grateful. It would be nice to have fast food options beyond french fries.


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