Glasgow Gears Up for Speedy New Vegan Food Delivery Service

Cycling his way into our hearts (and stomachs?) is Glasgow bike messenger James Tait, who is soon be launching an exclusively vegetarian and vegan food delivery service.

Founder of the FFWD Bicycle Messengers and with 18 years of experience, Tait is taking his familiarity of Glasgow’s streets and veggie restaurants and putting it to a great use.

He has previously made headlines for delivering homemade soup to homeless people, and now is doing even more good with his work.

Finding the concept of working for a huge fast-food delivery company unappealing, Tait decided to set up his own venture where he would deliver not only meat-free takeaways, but your weekly fruit and veg shop should you so require.

In an interview with Glasgow Live he explained, “[d]elivering death to a sick population never sat right with me, so I’m offering something different, something healthy. I’ve had contracts for food delivery before and was having to go to McDonalds and places like that – I didn’t last long. I don’t want to rubbish the food gigs out there, I just want to offer something different.”

Currently, Tait is in talks with various restaurants with a view to signing non-meat menus up for the delivery service.

But, you don’t even need to wait for this all to be final to summon veggie goodness to your door: Tait says that in the meantime, anyone from Shettleston to Maryhill can feel free to give him a call – day or night – and he’ll do what he can to deliver to you.

“Even if it’s going to Roots and Fruits with a basket and getting your weekly messages, I’ll do it,” Tait said. “If you’ve had a really bad day and phone me to ask if I can go to Banana Leaf and get you a curry, the answer is yes, of course I can. and I’m hoping restaurants will get on board too.”

The venture is thought-through in detail, with the plant-based only policy meaning that the chance of cross-contamination from delivery bags is non-existent.

When Tait gets on his bike, no doubt we will soon all be wondering, Deliver-WHO?

You can give him a call on 07985913847 or get in touch Bia the FFWD Facebook page. Happy take-away-ing!

Image Credit: Visit Scotland | Glasgow STV