Glasgow Plant-Based Restaurant Serenity Launches Vegan Irn-Bru Jackfruit Sandwiches

Glasgow Plant-Based Restaurant Serenity Launches Vegan Irn-Bru Jackfruit Sandwiches

Jackfruit — the Indian-native fruit that when cooked, has a texture similar to shredded chicken or pulled pork — is rising in popularity across the UK. From supermarkets to major restaurant chains, the ingredient is increasingly being used as a plant-based meat in everything from curries and stews to hoisin wraps and pizza toppings, some noting that it may even push out soy-based tofu in vegan meals.

One Glasgow restaurant decided to give the fruit a new spin by roasting it with the popular Scottish rust-colored fizzy drink Irn-Bru.

Writing on its Instagram account, vegan eatery Serenity Now posted a picture of its new Irn-Bru infused sandwich with the caption, “Here’s a wee preview of our new winter menu on special today. Irn-Bru roasted pulled jackfruit and mushroom in barbecue sauce with cheese and pickles on sourdough.”

Sometimes used to fry chicken, this may be the first time Irn-Bru has been used alongside jackfruit, and some customers are here for it. Responding to the picture, one social media user labeled the new menu item “a must try,” with another stating they wished the restaurant delivered.

This is not the first time a classic fizzy drink has been used to create a new innovative vegan product. In the U.S., the Serious Bean Co. creates vegan Dr. Pepper Baked Beans with — you guessed it — Dr. Pepper. According to the brand, its products, sold in 2,600 Walmart stores, are “Always original. Always bold. Always delicious.”

Alongside the new Irn-Bru sandwich, Serenity Now’s menu offers vegan classics such as Avocado Toast, Acai Bowls, and Tofu Scramble, as well as more creative dishes such as the “There Won’t Be Blood” sandwich, which includes sliced seitan deli meat and almond bacon. It also offers a selection of juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and “Dirty Wellness Lattes,” which are “Wellness Lattes,” such as chai or turmeric, offered with a shot of coffee.

“All of our recipes are created by us and cooked from scratch right here in our kitchen, 100% free from animal produce but with plenty of love & care,” the restaurant’s website notes.

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