Glasgow’s First Raw Vegan Dessert Shop ‘Rawnchy’ Is Open for Business

A 'Rawnchy' Vegan Dessert Shop Is Now Open in Glasgow Rawnchy

Glasgow is now home to its first-ever raw vegan dessert shop. Called Rawnchy, shop owner and founder Poppy Murricane specializes in creating organic, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, soya-free, and naturally sweetened plant-based treats.

“Traditionally when you think of cake you think sponges, which are baked – these aren’t cooked, they’re set in a freezer instead,” Murricane told Glasgow Live. “Technically, raw foods are those that aren’t heated above 42 degrees, and that’s to maintain their natural flavours, enzymes and nutrients.”

Murricane, who has been taking orders for her business since 2016, now owns a brick-and-mortar where customers can order a cuppa to go with her signature raw vegan dessert creations, including Peanut Butter & Raspberry Chia Jelly, White Chocolate & Lemon, Chocolate & Orange, and more. Instead of all-purpose flour, Murricane creates creamy, no-bake cake bases from a blend of nuts and other whole foodsThe base is then mixed with fruit, chocolate, or edible flowers to add color and flavour.

According to the official website, Murricane founded Rawnchy in 2016 after working in Southeast Asia as a scuba instructor. When she returned home to Scotland, she felt drawn to the idea of starting a food business where she could share her culinary experiences with locals. Murricane began creating custom raw vegan cakes for friends and family and the idea for her future business was born.

Within six months, Murricane was invited to showcase her raw vegan desserts at the Let’s Eat Glasgow Food Festival, where her plant-based creations were a hit with attendees. At her Glasgow shop, customers can order raw vegan cake by the slice, imitation Twix and Bounty bars, and other confections.

Despite tasting indulgent, Rawnchy also has a health-driven mission. The shop’s philosophy is “to provide all-natural tasty treats that are not only good for you but taste absolutely bangin’!”

“They might be considered healthier, but they taste devilishly good,” wrote Christina O’Neill for Glasgow Live.“Rawnchy’s chocolatey peanut butter brownie and blueberry and white chocolate cheesecakes are stand-out favourites.”

Rawnchy’s bright pink storefront can be found at 58 Maryhill Road in Glasgow, Scotland.

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