Glazed Will Bring Vegan Doughnuts to New Zealand’s Wellington Residents

Glazed Will Bring Vegan Doughnuts to New Zealand's Wellington Residents

Many would argue that doughnuts are best eaten in pajamas. However, not everyone is comfortable swinging by the doughnut shop in their flannel boxers or oversized nightshirts. Glazed, a new business in Wellington, New Zealand, recognized this dilemma and came up with a solution. Wellington residents can now order vegan doughnuts for delivery. It’s the sweetest package you’re likely to find at your doorstep.

Glazed is the capital’s first doughnut delivery service, and it does not hold back. Customers receive more than just sprinkles and old-fashioneds in their boxes; each unique selection is enhanced with additional sugary sweet confections based on the box theme. The company offers one vegan option, but in this case, one is definitely enough.

The vegan “Dough’Ice, you banana” box looks like the collaborative efforts of a princess, a unicorn, and a five-year-old’s coloring book. The goodies are packed between pink fluff and an assortment of scattered neon-colored candies and sweet popcorn kernels. The doughnuts themselves are frosted with a pink glaze, pink and yellow sprinkles, and of course, more candy. The box also includes a bottle of Good Buzz Kombucha and a Twilight vegan chocolate caramel nougat bar or other full-sized vegan-friendly candy. Are doughnuts for breakfast or dessert? Glazed doesn’t judge.

Glazed Vegan doughnuts delivery

With the rise of artisan and Instagram-worthy doughnuts, these simple pastries have become so much more than just a weekend treat. Many are replacing traditional desserts like cake and cupcakes for brightly decorated, gourmet doughnuts at parties and weddings, and Glazed has capitalized on this trend. In addition to its standard boxes, the company also offers catering for events. It can provide custom orders and outstanding doughnut displays, including doughnut towers, doughnut grazing tables, and even doughnut walls – the ultimate Instagram backdrop. So long, elegant croquembouche tower, vegan doughnut displays are taking over.

Glazed boxes are available for delivery for those who live in Wellington, the Greater Wellington Region, Kapiti, and Palmerston North. Visit the website for delivery details.

Image Credit: Glazed

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