200 Goats Ignore Social Distancing Rules During Stampede

It turns out, goats don’t really care for social distancing or lockdown measures. In San Jose, California, nearly 200 goats recently escaped through a backyard and onto the streets.

As one united group, the goats trotted through the streets of an East San Jose neighborhood earlier this week. One or two broke away only to have a quick nibble on the resident’s hedges.

“I’m dead,” tweeted resident Zach Roelands, alongside a video of the escapees. “When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were [wreaking] havoc on our street.” He added: “This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

Roeland’s father, Terry Roelands, told NBC Bay Area that he keeps the goats on the hill behind his house to clear the bush after a fire broke out there about 15 years ago.

On Tuesday evening, one of the goats was eating some flowers over a fence. They then managed to tap one of the electric fences.

This reportedly caused the goat, with their nearly 200 accomplices, to break down the boards of the fence and escape onto the streets.

Another resident, Amit Patel, told the local media site: “all of a sudden they get onto our driveway and it was very exciting.” They added: “I was a little bit nervous because the garage was open and I thought they might get into the garage.

A rancher rounded up all of the goats before taking them back to their hill about five minutes after their escape.


Goats Defy Lockdown in North Wales

Goats are known for being intelligent, curious, and sometimes, a little bit mischievous. Earlier on in the lockdown, in March, normally shy mountain goats came down into the town of Llandudno, North Wales.

They were spotted looking through windows, nibbling on garden flowers, and grazing on hedges.

Llandudno town councilor Carol Marubbi told the BBC: “They are curious goats are. I think they are wondering what’s going on like everybody else.” She added: “there isn’t anyone else around so they probably decided they may as well take over.”