Good Food Institute’s Clean Meat Conference Sells Out

clean meat

An upcoming major conference discussing the future of the plant-based and clean meat industries has sold out.

Called The Good Food Conference, it is the first conference hosted by The Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable, vegan and “clean” alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs.

“The inaugural GFI conference is the only event in the world focused on accelerating the commercialization of plant-based and clean meat, two promising food technologies that will allow us to feed almost 10 billion people by 2050,” states the official website. A series of panels about the latest advancements in vegan and clean meat research, expert strategies, and insights for industry growth will take place at the event, as well as discussions on the evolution of consumer habits.

“We’re gathering the pioneers of a new meat revolution that could solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change to antibiotic resistance,” said GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich, in a statement. “We have the technology and the will, and now through collaboration and knowledge-pooling, we are accelerating this transformation. We’re building a new food system, and the future of meat is insanely bright.”

Pat Brown, CEO and founder of vegan meat brand Impossible Foods will be a speaker at the conference, along with Uma Valeti, the CEO and co-founder of clean meat brand Memphis Meats, Lisa Feria, CEO of vegan venture capital fund Stray Dog Capital, and Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of food technology company JUST. Policymakers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and individuals from the food, biotechnology, nutrition, and preventative medicine fields will also be in attendance.

The announced speakers will lead a wide variety of panels – ranging from how to make vegan meat appealing to omnivores to the science and nutrition behind plant-based protein products. Technical innovations in recipe and development (R&D), how venture capital can accelerate the industry, diet and faith, and sustainable vegan seafood will also be topics of discussion.

The Good Food Conference is set to take place at the Clark Kerr Conference Center at the University of California, Berkeley, from September 6-7. While tickets to the event are already sold out, GFI notes that those interested in attending can do so by signing up for the free livestream. Anyone interested in the future of plant-based and clean meat is invited to attend.