Goodfellas Just Launched a Meaty Mediterranean Vegan Pizza

Goodfellas Just Launched a Meaty Mediterranean Vegan Pizza

Popular UK frozen pizza brand Goodfella’s just launched a new Meaty Mediterranean vegan pizza. 

The company expanded its frozen pizza range to include the stone-baked Meatless Mediterranean, the brand’s third offering.

The stone-baked Meatless Mediterranean is the UK’s first frozen pizza to contain pea protein “mince.” The thin-crusted pizza features the soy-free, pea protein mince, tomato, red onion, chargrilled red and yellow peppers, oregano, and salsa verde drizzle. It is packed with 13 grams of protein.

Goodfella’s launched its first vegan frozen pizza in 2018. The cheese-less pizza is thin-crusted and topped with falafel, spicy tomato sauce, spinach, pan-fried white onion, red peppers, and a houmous drizzle.

The company’s second product—the vegan spicy vegetable salsafeatures spicy tomato sauce and cheddar-style vegan cheese. It includes red onion, black beans, sweetcorn, red and green peppers, salsa drizzle, and a spiced crumb.

The Meatless Mediterranean is currently available in Asda and will be available in Sainsbury’s on April 29.

Goodfellas Just Launched a Meaty Mediterranean Vegan Pizza
Chicago Town’s vegan pizza launched in January.

The UK Gets More Vegan Pizzas

Frozen vegan pizzas are popping up more frequently as brands look to meet the growing demand for plant-based food products.

Frozen pizza brand Chicago Town launched its first-ever vegan pizza earlier this year. The plant-based pie features dairy-free mozzarella, onions, BBQ jackfruit, peppers, and a tangy tomato stuffed crust.

Sainsbury’s own-brand Margherita pizza features a gluten-free, stone-baked crust. It includes a tomato sauce, a mozzarella-style coconut-based cheese, chopped marinated semi-dried tomatoes, and dried basil.

Asda also sells its own-brand vegan frozen pizza. Asda’s vegan pizza options include the Roasted Veg and Houmous, Thin Stonebaked Vegetable Feast, Tomato and Pesto Flatbread, and Chargrilled Veg Flatbread.

In 2018, supermarket chain Waitrose began offering four new, own-brand vegan pizzas. The chain’s thin-crusted Whole Creations Tomato and Basil Pizza features slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, dairy-free “Sheese,” and drizzled with a basil dressing.

In addition to supermarkets, pizza delivery chains like Papa Johns and Pizza Hut have also begun offering plant-based pizza options. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut UK launched a Violife cheese stuffed crust. After a successful trial period, the company has now added its vegan pepperoni pizza to the menu permanently.