Goodio ‘ChocOat’ Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Bars to Debut in U.S.

Vegan chocolate bars made using oat milk – the latest health-conscious consumer trend which has been dubbed “the new almond milk” – are heading to the U.S. this summer.

Made by Finnish premium chocolate maker Goodio, the “ChocOat” bars have been designed with the intention to cut sugar consumption by half when compared to conventional overly-processed and dairy product-containing chocolate bars. Using organic plant-based ingredients, the snack-sized bars achieve the sought-after creamy texture and consistency with a ground gluten-free oat base. The oats were selected above coconut or nuts – both of which are also plant-based ingredients frequently found in vegan energy bars or other snacks – due to their sustainability. The plants are easy to grow and can be locally sourced from the variety of plantations across Northern America and Canada, therefore reducing transport emissions.

The ChocOats will be offered in four flavors that appeal to mainstream demand – these are original blond, cool mint, wild blueberry and sweet licorice.

“We wanted to do something totally different. No one else is using oats as opposed to dairy or some other milk alternative so we gave it a shot and we were quite frankly surprised that it worked so well and how soft and easily accessible the taste is,” COO Jussi Salonen told Project NOSH. “Oats are very neutral, which is why it makes for a great ingredient.”

The chocolate oat bars are already carried in Scandinavia and are set to hit the market in the U.K. and Germany before making the U.S. debut. Goodio may be familiar to U.S. consumers as it retails its chocolate at a premium price in the nation; the product is stocked at less than a thousand locations but can be found at specialty grocers such as Whole Foods Market, Thrive Market and William Sonoma but is also available on the online retailer Amazon.

Salonen added that with the launch of these new bars, he foresees the brand becoming “conventional” with its U.S.-market-targeted packaging and more lower prices. “We want to bring a better option to everybody, not just your chocoholics and specialty consumers,” he continued. “If it is more affordable, then it is, according to our mission, making a positive change with the world’s best chocolate. But if it is not approachable to everybody, then it is not accomplishing that mission.”

Goodio’s bars will join a growing number of plant-based food products aimed to provide an energy-boost to consumers that don’t pose a strikingly negative risk to their health from additives such as artificial flavor enhancers or steroids. U.K.-based startup Human Food offers vegan nutrition bars designed to facilitate consumers meeting their daily recommended intake of nutrients. Earlier this year, an innovative range of the world’s first plant-based nutrition bars designed for skaters launched and a vegan snack company launched high-protein rice Krispy bars in January.

Image Credit: goodiogoods