This is How to Personalize the Google App So You Only See Vegan Recipes

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When searching Google for vegan recipes and meal ideas, you’re bound to come across some options which aren’t suitable for your diet. Whatever the case, worry not — there is a modern solution.

Results for your Internet searches via Google are not random – they are based on your previous search history and your other interests – have it a good or bad thing, everything is custom-tailored to you. However – as The New York Times just shared – there is an element of control which you hold for the results you see, especially when it comes to recipes.

By opening the Android Google app, click on the menu button in the top left of your screen and choose the “customise” option. Select “more preferences” then scroll down the menu options until you find “cooking.” From there, Google will give you three options: Vegetarian recipes only, Vegan recipes only, or Pork-free recipes only. Voila.

Google and veganism are becoming quite the pair (at least, in sentences): just this year vegan food was a top result in Canadian Google searches; as were searches for plant-based diet; a vegan 3D popsicle startup won the hearts of Google and Buzzfeed; and Google’s executive chairman said a vegan revolution is coming – just to name a few.

If you’re new to veganism or trying to reduce the meat you eat – this handy and little-known Google search tip definitely makes transitioning to a plant-based diet much easier. If you’re veg-curious or looking to try something different for the New Year – why not sign up to Veganuary?