Google Host Debate on Vegan Diets with “What The Health” Director

As part of their new ‘Talks at Google’ friendly debate series, Google released a new video on YouTube yesterday titled ‘The Ideal Diet: The Directors of […]’. The talk consisted of a discussion between ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health’ co-director Kip Anderson, creator of the ‘bulletproof’ diet Dave Asprey, which includes meat, and plant-based cardiologist Dr Joel Kahn. The discussion revolved around what diet is the best diet to have.

As you can imagine, as any discussion between vegans and meat-eaters goes, the talk was a lively debate. Dave Asprey began by claiming that the vegan diet did not work for him and that you should always consider what is best for you in terms of diet. Kip Anderson’s response to this was poignant, he said that ‘health is much bigger than just me, I, that’s all that matters’, adding that we need to think of health in terms of keeping the planet alive too.

Dave Asprey also states that there are some meats that are healthy for your body and not as damaging to the environment, in his opinion, meat such as unprocessed grass-fed beef is acceptable. However, Dr Joel Kahn and Kip Anderson disputed this statement. In a nutshell, the pair stated that the environmental concerns that surround all types of meat production are rooted firmly in science.

Dr Joel Kahn further observed that although unprocessed grass-fed beef may be a better option than the alternative, He said the reality is that ‘95% of the meat in America is toxic.’ He goes on to state that grass-fed beef still does not offer the body any huge nutritional benefit, he said, ‘there’s no beef on the planet that has fibre, there’s no beef on the planet that has much in the way of rich vitamins. We know those are plant based.’

Kip and Joel also highlighted, that despite other issues, we cannot forget those vital concerns about the cruelty that occurs to all animals in the industry when they are slaughtered for their meat.

The talk ends with the speakers managing to unite in agreement, that the best way to get your point across is to enter, in Dave Asprey’s words, ‘productive dialogue rather than shaming’ over diet.

If you want to see the debate for yourself and make up your own mind about what the ideal diet is, follow this link.