Vegan Green Soda Bread With a Secret Healthy Ingredient

Vegan Green Soda Bread With a Secret Healthy Ingredient

As a Norwegian, I’m a huge fan of bread, and love experimenting with different dough recipes. Although bread recipes are often similar, I love seeing how other cultures have different spins on their versions.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, I made a bunch of different Irish inspired recipes the other day while I was snapping for a Norwegian Snapchat account, Vegansnappen, and one of the dishes I was happiest with was the soda bread. If you love colorful food, this post is for you!

What I like about the bread is it’s a simple recipe made with ingredients that are readily available in the country where the dish is from. I’m a huge fan of cooking seasonally and with local ingredients as much as possible. Same goes for when I do my pairings; I love the saying “what grows together goes together” – it can bring an authentic feeling to the whole experience of enjoying a meal, while sipping and biting into what you’ve made.

Traditional soda bread is made with buttermilk, eggs, and butter, but here I use dairy-free butter and milk to make a vegan (and totally delicious) version.


But back to my soda bread: This is such a simple, quick, and different way of making bread, in that the dough requires baking soda instead of yeast, which helps give it volume. This will give it a different texture and look but flavorful and satisfying nonetheless – you can never go wrong with bread. This recipe is perfect even if you’ve never made a loaf of bread before.

I decided to add a little baking powder as well to lighten the dough and texture a bit and a touch of sugar to bring the other flavors out, but you don’t need to. More importantly though, I wanted to bring an extra touch of “Ireland” to the bread and make the dough green, and I did so using spinach. No artificial food coloring or weird powders needed – use what mother earth grows naturally, it really is so rewarding!

Go ahead – dive into the recipe and embrace your inner Irish!

This recipe was republished with permission from Sunny Gandara.