IKEA Is Now Selling 10-Packs of Its Vegan Hot Dogs

IKEA Is Now Selling 10-Packs of Its Vegan Hot Dogs

IKEA will soon sell 10-packs of vegan hot dogs.

This month, the world’s largest furniture retailer announced plans to launch KORVMOJ, the packed version of its popular meat-free hot dog.

“A package of KORVMOJ contains 10 pieces of the same plant-based sausage you already know from the IKEA Bistro offer – now you can easily create your own veggie hot dog at home!” the company wrote online.

“Smaklig måltid!” it added, which translates to bon appétit.

The new product was inspired by customer demand, according to a press release.

Since the veggie dog’s launch in August 2018, IKEA has sold nearly five million meat-free dogs, something the brand names a “great success.”

“Many customers reached out to IKEA sharing their positive feedback as well as asking to be able to buy the plant-based sausage to bring home,” IKEA revealed.

KORVMOJ allows IKEA shoppers to enjoy “healthier, more sustainable” hot dogs from the comfort of their home. Made with kale, red lentils, carrot, and ginger, the vegan meat has a carbon footprint that is roughly seven times smaller than a conventional meat-based hot dog.


“When starting the development of the veggie hot dog, we asked ourselves: Has a plant-based hot dog the potential of becoming as loved by the many as the traditional hot dog?” Michael La Cour, managing director IKEA Food Services AB, said in a statement.

He added, “For me the success of the veggie hot dog in the Bistro and now the launch of KORVMOJ confirms our hopes and really lifts this plant-based alternative to the same level as our iconic hot dog.”

Vegan Food at IKEA

Staying true to its vision of making healthy, plant-positive food, IKEA has recently launched a range of vegan food options. The company sells sustainable, seaweed-based caviar as well as gelatin-free gummy fruit candy.

Vegan meatballs, dairy-free soft serve, vegan donuts, and oat milk smoothies are also on offer at IKEA locations around the world.

KORVMOJ will launch in Europe from March or April this year, depending on location, with the product expanding to North America and Asia Pacific afterwards. The 10-pack of veggie hot dogs will cost around €2.99, depending on location.