Ripple Launch New Milk And Announce Plans For Vegan Yogurt and Ice Cream

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“Dairy Free As it Should Be”

Vegan milk producer, Ripple Foods, who are popular for their well-packaged plant-based milks  have just debuted another flavour! This new line of milk is now available at 1000 retailers such as Target and Wholefoods Market and comes in the form of a ‘half & half’ blend.

“We noticed the current options were a bit limited in terms of texture, flavor, and healthy fats. Our goal was to create a creamy, delicious product with a healthy plant-based fat content that works well both in coffee and while cooking or baking.” – Adam Lowry, Co-founder of Ripple. Lowry also tweeted back in March, specifically saying that “it’s going to be excellent for alfredo sauces” .

The term ‘half and half’ comes from replacing the saturated fat and cholesterol that is found in dairy milk with a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid rich oils that are derived from plants. It’s even available in two delicious flavours! Choose between vanilla or the classic original. (Or better yet – try both!).

Ripple creates dairy replacement products through a process in which pea proteins are isolated, stripping the compound or ‘pea’ taste. These stripped proteins have very similar nutritional content to dairy products. Milk derived this way is not only good for your health, but has a ripple effect on the environment too. Weighing in at 25x less water usage than dairy milk and 100x less than almond, Ripple also claim their milk produces half the greenhouse emissions when compared to poor daisy’s!

With that in mind, you may be pleased to hear that this isn’t the only dairy-alternative product they’re announcing; following the launch of a line of child-friendly packs this May, the company are also developing a vegan alternative to Greek yogurt, which they hope can hit the shelves by the end of the year, alongside an even more exciting addition of vegan ice-creams!

“Anywhere you have a plant-based protein is a space we could potentially play.”  – Lowry

Adding,“We don’t have any business plans to get into the meat world, but clearly the technology that we have could really apply to the meat substitute world.” 

Furthermore, Ripple plans to retail their products at a lower price than their animal-derived counterparts! Cost is a major contributing factor to which product consumer purchase, so with this price reduction, the sales of plant-based milks will continue to soar.

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