Half of the People Ordering From This Vegan Meal Delivery Service Are Meat-Eaters

Allplants is a vegan meal delivery service operating in the United Kingdom. Since the brand’s 2017 launch, the team at allplants have been busy chasing a vision to make “plant-powered lifestyles easy, exciting and delicious,” according to a press release.

Customers can choose their favourite flavours from allplants’ online menu and select the most ideal days for delivery. The meals, which are designed by nutritionists, are then handmade by a small team of experienced chefs, are frozen, and packaged to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Since its launch, the company has prepped and provided over 200,000 ready-made meals across the UK. Impressively, more than 90 percent of allplants customers have left a 5-star review for the plant-based business. However, it’s not just vegans that love allplants meals; according to the company, half of its customers label themselves as “flexitarian,” meaning they occasionally eat meat but often opt for plant-based food.

The food delivery service also caters to those with dietary requirements. Allplants meals are available gluten-free and allergen-free, with the option to select non-spicy dishes if you’re that way inclined, and are always packed with protein and nutrients.

Regarding the company’s decision to freeze its meals, the company says, Don’t let the freezer bit slip you. It’s the healthiest, most natural and sustainable way to keep the nutrients and flavours fresher for longer.”

Even if you’re out when your meals are delivered, the (fully recyclable) packaging allows the dishes to remain “freshly frozen” for up to 36 hours. Allplants also adopts carbon neutral delivery schemes – “so you can be kind to yourself and the planet.”

Allplants co-founders Jonathan (JP) and Alex Petrides transitioned to a plant-based diet back in 2015. “It changed us,” they said of the switch. “Physically we toned up. Mentally we became so much more self-aware. Emotionally we felt an ever-increasing connection with our planet and a fixed sense of purpose to build a heathier, more compassionate, thriving world.”

They added, “We’re on a mission to make plant-powered lifestyles irresistibly easy, exciting and delicious; that’s why every allplants dish is packed full of plant-based nutrition and unusual flavours, to fill you with energy while helping the planet thrive.”

The dishes available are imaginative, full-flavoured, and heart-smart. Allplants’ Lasagne Al Noci, for instance, is traditional in its cheesey and meaty taste, yet its entirely plant-based makeup leaves you feeling satisfied and energized.

The Polpette Orzo, a nutty, wild ratatouille with protein-packed seared polpette balls, is so authentic you’d never guess it was sitting in a freezer just minutes beforehand. And the allplants’ Keralan Sundown, a new menu addition, is made with sugar-snap peas, red lentils, and soft sweet potato, complete with crunchy sambal and savoury baked lentil cakes. The dish is so classy it makes you feel like you could be dining at a fancy restaurant, except you’re in pyjamas in bed (we have no shame).

Fiery Jerk Jackfruit, Moussaka, Hearty Roots Stew, Cashew Mac, and Super Green Risotto are all also available, among others, and each dish looks as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as the last.

The allplants’ website reads: “Food is the key to unlocking impactful change to your health, happiness and relationship with the natural world.”

“Let’s change the world.”

Allplants currently deliver to (almost) every area of Great Britain. Its meals begin at £4.99 per serving and can be ordered online.

Image Credit: allplants