Halo Top Announce 7 New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

After announcing the brand had released seven new vegan flavors in September last year, traditionally dairy-heavy ice cream brand Halo Top has now added to their range of low-calorie, coconut-based vegan ice cream.

Icecream lovers rejoice! Halo Top’s two new plant-based flavor additions are Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Maple. These will later to be joined by veganized versions of Pancakes & Waffles, Birthday Cake, Candy Bar, Chocolate Almond Crunch, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Everyone from health-conscious consumers, families, millennials and more are fans of Halo Top ice cream as most of the fat and calories are removed from each pint – leaving the light, yet satisfying confection to enjoy, with a reduced feeling of guilt if finishing the whole tub clean.

Halo Top’s CEO and founder, Justin Woolverton stated in a press release “[w]hen we launched our original line of non-dairy flavors, we knew we wanted to expand to include even more indulgent options. We know our fans look to us for variety and creativity in our flavors, and we want to make sure we always address those requests for our dairy-averse and vegan fans as well.”

Halo Top’s brand new vegan Vanilla Maple flavor “elevates the iconic vanilla taste to another level” with subtle hints of rich maple undertone and sits at only 280 calories per pint. Additionally, Toasted Coconut has slightly more calories but far fewer in comparison to full dairy ice cream – 320 calories per pint. The flavor is designed to taste like a pint of creamy coconut and tropical notes, infused with real coconut flakes.


Image Credit: Halo Top Creamery