You Can Now Get Vegan Chocolate Flavored Oat Milk

Your childhood dreams have come true; vegan chocolate-flavored oat milk is here. Made by Happy Planet, the new product joins the company’s line of original and vanilla dairy-free oat drinks.

Happy Planet’s Chocolate Oatmilk was made to cater to the large number of people who love flavored drinks; 71 percent of the milk served in schools is flavored, according to a press release.

Happy Planet’s nondairy chocolate drink contains 45 percent less sugar than dairy-based chocolate milk, making it a “deliciously sweet, allergen-friendly alternative for those looking to quench their sweet tooth without the guilt.”

Along with the chocolate flavor, the brand also launched Barista Edition Oatmilk. The beverage, which carries a rich, creamy, and neutral flavor, is ideal for professional baristas and coffee lovers looking to up their caffeine game at home. Happy Planet worked with expert baristas to create the drink, which steams and foams “like a dream” thanks to the oat base and sunflower oil.

Happy Planet has launched vegan chocolate and barista oat milk

Happy Planet has also introduced single-serve sizes of its Original, Chocolate, and Vanilla Oatmilks. Each serving offers a third of a cup of oats and contains more protein and fiber than almond milk as well as nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and calcium.

All of Happy Planet’s varieties are vegan, Non-GMO Verified, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Happy Planet

The Canadian-based company is “on a mission to make the planet happier,” the press release reads.

Rex Sheehy, President of Happy Planet, said in a statement, “the movement towards sustainable food options is not a quick-passing food trend.”
“Our consumers feel increasingly passionate about taking care of our planet, and we as a brand share that passion,” Sheehy added. The company’s oat drinks are made with seven times less water than almond or dairy milk and the oats are grown by Canadian farmers who “only use sunshine and rainwater” to grow their oats, and don’t use the common pesticide glyphosate.
The company’s drinks are packaged in cartons made of plants, “making Happy Planet the best choice for the planet,” Sheehy said.
Happy Planet also donates more than 100,000 servings of food to local food banks each year.
Happy Planet’s new Barista Edition and Chocolate Oatmilk will be available in natural food retailers, cafes, and grocery retailers across America this month.