The 65 Healthiest Vegan Fast Food Meals

65 Healthiest Vegan Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

(Updated November 16, 2020) Once upon a time, fries and sad, bare salads were the only vegan options you could find at fast food chains. Those days are done. Today, even the top fast food giants offer plant-based choices—and you can even find healthy options, too.

65 Healthiest Vegan Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

Hungry? Here are 65 of the healthiest vegan meals you can order at fast food restaurants.

The 65 Healthiest Vegan Fast Food Meals
The Chipotle menu is vegan-friendly. | Chipotle.


Chipotle is popular for its customizable meals and having multiple plant-based protein options (sofritas, black beans, and pinto beans), plus greens, veggies, and rice. Locations in Denver and Colorado are even trialing cauliflower rice. Here’s how to eat healthy and vegan at Chipotle. Remember to add guacamole (and proceed to ask yourself why guac still costs extra if you’re skipping meat and dairy).

1. Vegan Burrito Bowl

2. Vegan Lifestyle Bowl

3. Vegan Salad

4. Vegan Burrito

5. Vegan Taco

Taco Bell

Open late and cheap as heck, Taco Bell is the destination for late-night meals on a budget. Unfortunately, Taco Bell recently removed some beloved vegan menu staples, like the 7-Layer Burrito and potatoes, but new plant-based items may be on the way.

“While change is hard, a simplified menu and innovation process will leave room for new fan favorites, continued progress in categories such as plant-based diets, and even opportunities for the return of some classics on a limited-time basis,” the company said in a statement.

So, vegan meat may be on the menu soon. Taco Bell Spain is already ahead with its vegetarian oat-based filling. Despite the menu changes, Taco Bell is still very vegan-friendly and allows several customizations to any menu item. Replace any meat with black beans. Then, make your order “fresco style” to replace dairy with pico de gallo.

6. Crunchwrap Supreme

7. Bean Burrito

8. Veggie Power Menu Bowl

9. Crunchy Tacos and Soft Tacos

10. Black Beans and Rice

Panera Bread

Of course, what is Panera Bread without the bread? Vegan options include the Plain, Everything, Blueberry, Cranberry Walnut, and Sesame Bagels. For sandwiches, choose Black Pepper Focaccia, Sea Salt Focaccia, Country Rustic Sourdough, Whole Grain Farmstyle, Artisan Ciabatta, and Classic Sourdough Breads. The French Baguette is also vegan! Order the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Baja Grain Bowl, and Mediterranean Bowl without dairy (the pesto in the sandwich contains cheese) to make them vegan.

11. Steel Cut Oatmeal

12. Mediterranean Veggie

13. Baja Grain Bowl

14. Mediterranean Bowl


At Subway, you can customize a vegan sandwich or wrap. Certain options, like the falafel, are only available at select locations. Subway also trialed a Beyond Meatball Marinara sandwich, featuring plant-based meatballs made by Beyond Meat in September 2019. The vegan meatball sub launched in Canada earlier this year, so a US launch may be on the way. In the UK, Subway also offers a Meatless Meatball Marinara on its permanent menu.

15. Veggie Delight

16. Falafel

Einstein Bros.

The biggest bagel chain in the U.S., Einstein Bros., offers vegan cream cheese made by the dairy-free brand, Daiya. But, you can also have your bagel with avocado, peanut butter, hummus, or jelly. You can also add vegetables, like arugula, cucumber, capers, spinach, and tomatoes. More than 70 percent of the bagel menu is vegan, including blueberry, pretzel, potato, French toast, and ancient grain. The chain may even add vegan Beyond Breakfast Sausages nationwide if the Denver test does well. Swap the veggie cream cheese on the Avocado Veg Out sandwich with Daiya to make it vegan.

17. Vegan Cream Cheese Shmear

18. Vegetarian Chile

19. Avocado Veg Out Sandwich

The 65 Healthiest Vegan Fast Food Meals
You can order the Impossible Whopper without mayo to make it vegan. | Impossible Foods.

Burger King

Gone are the days of ordering the side salad and fries. Burger King Launched the Impossible Whopper in late 2019 after a successful trial and it’s been a hit ever since. Order without mayonnaise to make it vegan. The fries are vegan, too.

20. Impossible Whopper

The 65 Healthiest Vegan Fast Food Meals
Vegan fried chicken is being trialed at select KFC locations. | KFC.


While not nationwide (yet), KFC has trialed its vegan Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and most recently, Southern California, signaling that a national launch may be on the horizon. In the UK, KFC offers the Quorn-based Imposter Burger.

21. Vegan fried chicken


While you can order a latte with multiple options for plant-based milk, Starbucks’ vegan options are still limited in the U.S. But, you can grab oatmeal, some overnight grains, or a bagel (plain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, or sprouted grain) with avocado spread. It also carries vegan snacks, such as fruit bars, Hippeas, and chips. It launched a breakfast sandwich made with vegan Impossible Breakfast Sausage, which includes dairy cheese and egg, but it may be a sign of future menu items. A positive sign: one location outside of Seattle is testing a fully vegan version.

22. Oatmeal (Hearty Classic or Blueberry)

23. Strawberry Overnight Grains

24. Bagel

Del Taco

Beyond Meat’s vegan beef crumbles were added to the Del Taco menu last year. The fast food chain has a few items marked vegan on its menu, but you can also swap beef for Beyond Meat crumbles or ask for something without cheese or sour cream. The crinkle-cut fries and hash brown sticks are also vegan.

25. Epic Beyond Original Mex Burrito

26. Beyond Avocado Taco

27. Avocado Veggie Bowl

Umami Burger

Fast-casual burger joint Umami Burger offers three different takes on the Impossible Burger. Plus, you can order it with vegan cheese.

28. Impossible Burger

Pizza Hut

The Pan Pizza, Hand-Tossed Crust, and Thin ‘N Crispy Crust doughs are all vegan. Choose Marinara or Buffalo Sauce, load up on vegetables, and enjoy. Locations in the UK and Australia offer dairy-free cheese, but the US has yet to announce any plans to add it. The US locations are trialing a Beyond Meat sausage topping, so keep your fingers crossed that it’ll become part of the permanent menu.

29. Pizza

The 65 Healthiest Vegan Fast Food Meals
Fast food chain White Castle first launched the Impossible Slider in 2018. | Impossible Foods.

White Castle

White Castle became the first mainstream fast food restaurant to offer the Impossible Burger in 2018 and it’s still going strong today. It also trialed vegan cheese in the New York and New Jersey area earlier this year, “with the hope of taking it to other markets in the future,” according to White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson. Oh, and the fries are vegan.

30. Impossible Sliders


To order a vegan pizza at Domino’s, get the thin crust with tomato or barbecue sauce and add vegetables to your heart’s content. You can also order plain pasta with vegetables (the marinara sauce contains dairy), the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (without cheese), and the Garden Salad. To make the salad vegan, order it with the Italian, Catalina, and balsamic dressings and without croutons or cheese.

UK locations of the chain launched dairy-free cheese earlier this year, and Australian customers have had the option since 2018.

31. Pizza

32. Pasta

33. Garden Salad

34. Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich


Coffee and donut chain Dunkin’ launched the Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich in late 2019. To make it vegan, order it without egg or cheese (and add a hash brown for food measure). The Cinnamon Raisin, Plain, Everything, and Sesame bagels are vegan. CEO David Hoffmann said that the chain is looking into adding a vegan donut option earlier this year.

35. Beyond Breakfast Sausage

36. Bagels

37. Oatmeal (select locations)

The Veggie Burger at Habit Burger Grill is vegan without modification, as are the regular and sweet potato fries. For salad, hold the croutons and cheese and swap meat or eggs with the veggie patty. Choose from the fat-free Italian dressing, olive oil, or lemon for dressing.

Habit Burger Grill

38. Veggie Burger

39. Salad

40. Tempura Green Beans

Moe’s Southwest Grill

This vegan-friendly chain offers tofu, black beans, and pinto beans as protein options for its build-your-own-style meals. Vegetables include grilled mushrooms, cucumber, grilled peppers, and fresh tomatoes.

41. Salad

42. Tacos

43. Burrito

The original hand-tossed dough is vegan. For the sauce, choose original or BBQ and add all of the vegetables. The breadsticks are vegan, too. In the UK, you can order vegan cheese and meat toppings.

Papa John’s

44. Pizza


After the popularity of the Beyond Burger at A&W Canada, US locations launched the vegan-friendly burger in selected locations across 29 states earlier this year. To make it vegan, order it without burger sauce and mayonnaise.

45. Beyond Burger

Carl’s Jr.

Make the Beyond Famous Star vegan by holding the mayonnaise and cheese. The Beyond Sausage Burrito can be made vegan by ordering it without eggs or cheese.

46. Beyond Famous Star

47. Beyond Sausage Burrito


Owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, the same parent company as Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s offers similar options. The Beyond Sausage Burrito is vegan without eggs or cheese. For the burger, leave off the mayonnaise and cheese and order it on lettuce instead of a bun.

48. Beyond Thickburger

49. Beyond Sausage Burrito

Amy’s Drive-Thru

Most items at this vegetarian establishment can be made vegan with modifications noted on the menu. Here are some of the healthiest options.

50. Organic Burger

51. Burrito Bowl

52. Organic Super Salad

Veggie Grill

Not only is everything at Veggie Grill vegan, but the menu is extensive, featuring sandwiches, bowls, salads, sides, and desserts. These are some of the healthiest things on the menu.

53. Far East Bowl

54. Butternut Squash + Chickpea Curry

55. Tempeh Harvest Bowl

56. Kale + Quinoa Power Salad

57. Pesto Zucchini Noodles

58. House Veggie Burger

59. White Bean Chili Burger

59. Loaded Red Yams

Plant Power Fast Food

This all-vegan burger joint has a delicious menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and more. You can choose the classic “beefy” burger or a black bean patty for any of the burger options.

60. The Classic Burger

61. Kaleslaw

62. Southwest Avocado Wrap

64. Raw Tacos

65. BBQ ‘Chicken’ Salad

65. Breakfast Burrito