Healthy Vegan Kale Mushroom Bread Pudding Recipe

Kale Mushroom Bread Pudding has bread, it’s savory and it’s pudding(ish)! It could easily be a HEALTHY vegan dish the whole fam-damily will to grow love (well, at least the grown ups).

Holiday food is all about comforting carbs, fresh herbs and rich, creamy textures. What could be more comforting than a big helping of savory bread pudding? (Definitely not those weird molded salads of my childhood!)

This kale mushroom bread pudding recipe is made with no oil or dairy—not even a pat of vegan butter! But you get all the rich and creamy texture you’d hope for in a comfort food from cashews, plant milk, nutritional yeast and a bit of ground flaxseed to help firm things up.

The hearty, healthy kale, earthy shitake and cremini mushrooms, and fresh rosemary blend together in a harmonious trio in this dish. And if you can nab a great loaf of rustic bread (I personally LOVE a light rye with caraway seeds in this recipe), it can really take this kale mushroom bread pudding to the next level.


This recipe was republished with permission from Healthy Midwestern Girl.

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