Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo Ranks As Favorite Condiment in North Dakota

A recent ranking from website Influenster identified the preferred condiment in each U.S. state.

According to the list by the product reviews platform, which was reported on by Food and Wine, Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread is the condiment of choice in North Dakota. Made from soybeans, Hellmann’s vegan dressing contains zero cholesterol and is an “excellent” source of good fats, according to the brand.

In Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregan, Alaska, and Colorado, the number one condiment is also vegan. According to the list, all five states are avid fans of Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. In Montana and Wyoming, Skippy’s Super Chunky Peanut Butter is top dog, and in Pennsylvania its Heinz Ketchup–Heinz is a Pittsburgh-based company.

The Rise of the Vegan Condiment

As consumers continue to wake up to the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of consuming plant-based foods, the condiment market is catching up with demand. New consciously plant-based brands are consistently emerging, launching ethical, unique, and exciting products.

In California, UCLA students Angela Simmons and Megan Hullander have created a new vegan Blink 182-inspired Dude Ranch Dressing. With packaging free of plastic, the new dressing is sustainable, eco-friendly and dairy-free. It’s also creative, named after rock band Blink 182’s second studio album. The duo are also working on a buffalo ranch flavor, named after the A-Lister Mark Ruffalo.

There’s also Josh Tetrick on the scene. The CEO of vegan egg brand JUST, Tetrick was recently named by GrubStreet as the “Elon Musk of condiments.” Like the CEO of Tesla, Tetrick is constantly striving to innovate and revolutionize his industry.

Although JUST offers other plant-based foods – including cookie dough – and it’s currently racing to bring its clean meat to market, the plant-based brand is mostly known for its liquid vegan egg, which scrambles and mimics the texture of a real chicken egg.

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