Hempfu Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Hemp Seeds

Hempfu Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Hemp Seeds

Tofu — love it or hate it — has long been associated with plant-based diets. It’s nutrient dense, rich in protein, and eating it frequently could lower your cholesterol levels, some studies say. It’s also versatile and can be added to a variety of dishes, from burritos to pasta, to curries, and salads.

But while many are familiar with these little white soy-based blocks, most are not aware of its hemp-based cousin, “hempfu.”

What Is Hemp Tofu?

Hemp tofu is made in a similar way to traditional tofu, only without the soy. As the name suggests, it’s made entirely from hemp with tofu processing techniques. The texture lands somewhere between tempeh and tofu, says recipe blog The Spruce Eats. It’s also non-GMO, organic, packed with nutrients, protein, and suitable for those with soy allergies.

Hempfu Tofu Is Made Entirely Out of Hemp Seeds
Hudson River Foods offers vegan hemp-based tofu

The blog says, “this is the greatest gifts to vegans since nutritional yeast and Tofurky. I’m talking about hemp tofu. Brilliant.” It adds, “we all love hemp and we all love tofu. Hemp tofu? Mind. Blown.”

Just like ordinary tofu, “hempfu” can be incorporated into a variety of recipes, and also comes in an array of different flavors; although it’s worth noting that it does differ in some ways to the soy-based version.

“It’s very crumbly, for starters,” says The Spruce Eats. “[It] doesn’t quite soak up flavors as well, so plan on cooking and serving it with extra sauce. That being said, the taste on its own is similar but not the same as plain tofu, which is to say, not that great but not that bad in my opinion.” 

Its crumbly nature lends itself particularly well to tofu scramble, according to the blog.

If you don’t fancy whipping up some “hempfu” from scratch, Hudson River Foods has created “the perfect addition to the plant-based diet” in the form of protein-packed allergen-free Tempt Hemp Tofu.

Although Tempt Hemp Tofu — available in Original, Chimichurri, Chilli Lime, and Chorizo flavors — can’t be bought directly from Hudson River Foods yet, it is available to purchase from various health food retailers across North America.