JUST Vegan Eggs Set for European Launch

Food Tech Company JUST Sells Over 2 Million Vegan Liquid Mung Bean Eggs Since Last September

Updated August 30, 2019 | Cruelty-free, vegan eggs by California-based food tech company JUST will launch this year in Europe, subject to regulatory approval.

Made from mung beans, the JUST Egg is for consumers looking for a healthier, more sustainable way to eat eggs. It cooks and tastes the same as chicken eggs and has roughly the same amount of protein. It’s also free from cholesterol, saturated fat, and artificial flavoring.

According to Andrew Noyes — the head of global communications at JUST — David Wagstaff will be helping the company with its expansion. Wagstaff is the former CEO of Happy Egg, a major free-range chicken egg company.

Now, he’s helping JUST expand into the UK and Europe.”Noyes wrote on Linkedin, “David Wagstaff brought one of the UK’s largest free-range egg brands to the U.S. and built it into a $40 million business in only a few years.”

JUST’s European expansion is due in part to a collaboration with German poultry player PHW Group. It also teamed up with Eurovo Group — Europe’s leading producer and distributor of packaged, pasteurized, and dried eggs.

Changing the Food System for the Better

“JUST was founded on the belief that fresh thinking, technological and culinary innovation and partnerships between startups and established companies could change our food system for the better,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of JUST, in a statement. “JUST, Eurovo and PHW will put that idea into practice and allow us to reach countless European consumers.”

The product is currently available in the United States. When the JUST Egg first hit store shelves in Southern California, it outsold chicken eggs.

“PHW’s proven expertise in distribution and logistics and its sustained commitment to alternative sources of protein impressed us and we’re excited to work with them,” Tetrick continued.

“It’s great news that PHW will be able to offer JUST Egg to European consumers – a product that has exceeded all expectations in the United States and is on a par with conventional eggs. We will use all of our sales experience and market knowledge to ensure that JUST has the best possible debut in Europe,” said Peter Wesjohann, CEO of the PHW Group.

“Given the demand we’re facing for our products, the biggest challenge we will have is in keeping up with demand when we launch in Europe,” Wagstaff told the Grocer. “We will be bringing a product to the market that is unique and tastes great, which also has a lower environmental impact than standard eggs. We believe Just Egg can coexist with eggs, appealing to much more than just vegans.”

JUST eggs are kind to the planet. The vegan egg’s ingredients require less surface and groundwater than conventional chicken eggs and have a lower carbon footprint. That earned it the title of one of TIME’s “Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018.”

JUST also makes egg and dairy-free mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and Caesar sauce. Additionally, the company is working on developing slaughter-free Wagyu beef.

JUST’s vegan Egg should available in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2019.