9 UK High Street Chains With Vegan Burgers You Have to Try

9 UK High Street Chains With Vegan Burgers You Have to Try

As plant-based foods soar in popularity across the UK, it seems like vegan options are appearing on more chain restaurant menus every day. If there’s one menu item that usually satisfies everyone, it’s a burger, and plenty of high street chains have vegan versions.

UK High Street Chains With Vegan Burgers

If you’re planning a family meal out and want multiple options for different diets, or you’re simply looking for a nice big juicy vegan burger to satisfy a craving, we’ve put together a list of nine UK high street chains with the best plant-based burger options.

TGI Friday’s mushroom burger bleeds like a beef patty.

1. TGI Fridays

With more than 80 locations across the UK, TGI Fridays is a popular dining spot for many families. The chain has offered a veggie patty for some time, but it recently launched its new handcrafted Fridays Vegan Burger. Served with a plant-based bun, the mushroom-based burger even bleeds.

“The burger answers the prayers of those on a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet – or simply wanting to cut down on the meat – as it tastes every bit as juicy and flavoursome as the real thing,” the chain said in a statement.

How to Eat Vegan At Wetherspoons
The Beyond Burger is available as a “classic,” or “gourmet,” with extra toppings.

2. Wetherspoons

The British pub chain JD Wetherspoon—commonly called Wetherspoons or “Spoons”—is adding The Beyond Burger to its menu. From March 11, 2020, the GMO, soy, cholesterol, and gluten-free plant-based burger is available at all 874 Wetherspoons across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Wetherspoons serves the Gourmet Vegan Burger with avocado, salsa, and rocket. But you can also opt for the “classic” version featuring lettuce, and tomato.

“We are always on the look out for new and innovative products,” said
Jameson Robinson, Wetherspoon’s head of food. “Our Beyond burger offers a great new option for vegans and vegetarians,” continued Robinson. “As well as anyone wishing to reduce their meat intake, which is an ever-growing number.”

GBK has two different vegan options.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers two vegan-friendly burger choices. The Californian consists of a homemade, pan-fried bean patty with smashed avocado and harissa mayo; the “classic vegan” is a handmade, pan-fried bean patty with vegan mayo, relish, and salad.

Ed’s Diner offers a plant-based patty from Moving Mountains.

4. Ed’s Diner

Amongst its meat-heavy menu, Ed’s Diner offers its very own Moving Mountains burger. The patty is mushroom-based, with wheat and soy protein. Ed’s Diner tops its vegan patty with guacamole, plant-based cheese, salsa, and sliced jalapenos.

The “Beetnik” burger was launched during Veganuary.

5. Byron Burger

Burger chain restaurant Byron currently offers two vegan options, both featuring the Beyond Burger. The Truffler features truffle “cheese” fondue and mayonnaise, topped with pickled red onions and American mustard. The Cali Cheese is a classic veganized cheeseburger, topped with plant-based “cheddar” and smoked tomato ketchup. Byron also launched the “Beetnik” patty in January, emphasizing the B vitamins and nutrients present in beetroot.

In the UK, McDonald’s serves its red pesto goujons in a sesame bun.

6. McDonald’s

Even fast-food giant McDonald’s offers vegan-friendly patties in its UK locations. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of the chain or are looking for a motorway stop snack, McDonald’s offers a vegan-friendly Vegetable Deluxe. The updated version of the menu item features veggie goujons, red pesto sauce, and shredded lettuce. You can also get it in a wrap or Happy Meal form.

Frankie & Benny’s menu includes two vegan patties.

7. Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s menu now includes several vegan options, including Chicken Parmigiana and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The menu includes a vegan burger, the Viva La Vegan, made from plant-based meat. The chain also still offers its Vegan Beet patty, which, as the name suggests, consists of beetroot along with quinoa and soya.

All Bar One offers several vegan options.

8. All Bar One

Commonly associated with cocktails, All Bar One also offers an extensive food menu with plenty of vegan options. The chain even offers the Beyond Burger, a plant-based “bleeding” patty that looks, cooks, and tastes like beef.

Even Nandos has vegan-friendly options now.

9. Nandos

Even the chicken chain restaurant Nandos offers vegan-friendly options now. Just ask for the Sweet Potato & Butternut patty without mayo or substitute the halloumi for avocado in the Portobello Mushroom burger.