Raising Children Vegan is Possible and Healthy Says ITV’s Holly Willoughby

This Morning presenter and mother of three, Holly Willoughby, releases new book ‘Truly Scrumptious Baby’ which comments on how to raise infants as vegan. The book has been awarded a Mumsnet rated badge.

More and more parents are leaning toward plant-based diets in the family home. Experts warn against kids eating too much meat, as many children consume only half the recommended daily intake of vegetables.

With child obesity rates tripling since the 1970’s, and diabetes doubling in the past twenty years, veganism has become a solution for many families.

Holly Willoughby discusses weaning, nutrition and recipes in her book that one Mumsnet reviewer said “exceeded her expectations”.

On veganism, the author writes “It is possible for a baby to get all the nutrients he needs from a balanced and varied diet”.
Willoughby also cautions against using cow’s milk during a child’s first year as it does not contain all the essential nutrients.

Some foods she recommends for early weaning staples include carrot (vitamin A), peach (vitamin C), sweet potato (vitamins A, E and C), banana (potassium) and broccoli (vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and fibre).

A vegan lifestyle is one of the fastest growing movements, particularly for young people, with the amount of vegans increasing by 360% in the last decade.

Holly has previously written a series of children’s books, her first becoming the highest-selling children’s debut in the UK in its year of release.

This is Holly’s tenth book. It is a follow up of her best-selling 2016 release ‘Truly Happy Baby’.

On parenting, and her book, Holly says, So take a deep breath, trust your intuition and dive in!”

Image Credit: Flickr