Fashionable and Functional Vegan Outerwear Range Hits US and Canada

Hoodlamb by Hemp Tailors – a fashion house based in Europe, is now expanding their 100% cruelty-free, vegan-friendly outerwear garment line into North American and Canadian retailers. Hoodlamb specializes in producing high-quality winter wear, particularly for the growing demand of eco-conscious and vegan consumer marketplace.

This company was the first to make durable garments from hemp, such as jackets, parkas, knitwear, beanies, gloves and other accessories. Organic hemp is used in place of where most garments use cotton, because it has a lower environmental impact than traditional materials and is one of the strongest natural fibers on Earth – perfect for the production of outerwear garments.

As this outerwear is designed and made to last, especially in winter conditions – Hoodlamb is the official outfitter of Sea Shepherd missions, which can get rough and dangerous.

Their range of jackets even has innovate technology known as ‘Hempulose’ – made from natural cellulose fiber of hemp stalks which enables the coating to be resistant against water. Plus, they’re as sustainable as they are stylish!

Also included in Hoodlamb’s stylish, eco-conscious range is ‘Satifur’ – a luscious faux faur material which is made from recycled PET, and Nordic Parkas, designed for climates no matter how harsh as they utilise Thermore® Ecodown® technology in their lining – a non-animal insulation in place of duck/goose down.

Plus, their outerwear garments have some sneaky hidden features that increase the functionality of their products and pay homage to roots in Amsterdam and the hemp materials…

Everything in the range is Peta Approved Vegan and proceeds from sales at Hoodlamb go towards assisting the missions of environmental NGO Sea Shepherd and animal rights organisation PETA.

This launch comes just in time for the colder weather and meets a gap in the market for fashionable, conscious outerwear. As of Fall/Winter right now, both male and female consumers in the US and Canada will be able to shop Hoodlamb’s range of forward-thinking, fashion-forward and functional garments online or at select stores.

Image Credit: fresh headies | Hoodlamb