Horlicks Vegan Is a Dairy-Free Version of a British Favorite

Horlick's Vegan Is a Dairy-Free Version of a British Favorite

Mornings just got a bit sweeter; Horlicks Vegan is now available to European and UK foodservice operators.

The dairy-free malted drink can be used to create a number of vegan food and beverage products. These include non-dairy shakes, frappes, and cakes—among others.

Malted drink brand Horlicks first launched the vegan beverage in Asda in November 2020.

According to a press release, the company uses a “vegan recipe based on the brand’s signature creamy and malty characteristics” to create the plant-based drink. 

“We are keen to evolve the brand by building on our unique malty taste and heritage whilst offering new varieties which appeal to different tastes, formats, and diets,” Michelle Younger, the company’s marketing manager, said in the release.

Similar in flavor to the brand’s Original blend, Horlicks Vegan is also enriched with 14 vitamins and minerals. Consumers simply add their favorite plant-based milk and can enjoy the beverage hot or cold.


Dairy-Free Malted Beverages

Horlicks Vegan isn’t the first dairy-free malted beverage to hit the market.

In March 2020, Nestlé launched a plant-based version of Milo in Australia. The popular cocoa malt beverage was previously only available with milk powder. In lieu of this ingredient, the new vegan version features soy and oats.

According to Nestlé, the vegan version has the “unmistakable choc-malt taste and iconic crunch” of conventional Milo. The vegan Milo has a low sugar content and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

“We already have some great plant-based products and are now adding one of our biggest global brands with Milo,” Trevor Clayton, head of the dairy business unit at Nestlé, said in a statement. “We’re continuing to make good on our promise to offer consumers food that is right for them and right for the planet.”

Plant-based brand Vitasoy—which offers a number of vegan milk drinks—also carries its soymilk-based beverage in a malt flavor.

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