Hotel Chocolat Launches New Vegan Easter Egg Range

Popular UK chocolate chain, Hotel Chocolat, has launched a new, exclusively vegan range for Easter.

The brand, which has 93 chocolate shops, restaurants, and even an actual hotel throughout the UK, made the announcement in a recent Facebook post: “Our NEW vegan-friendly Easter chocolate range will make you chirp with excitement!” 

While chirping is indeed option, the classic chocolate version of the Easter bunny is something sure to excite those looking for dairy-free Easter options, whilst the “Hard Boiled Dark Chocolate Egg”, the “Easter Egg Sandwich” and the “Rabbert Tiddly Chocolate Pot” are some of the more unusual choices customers can purchase in-store and online just ahead of the holiday.

“Whatever your reason for going vegan, there’s no need to give up good chocolate this April 1st,” Hotel Chocolate said on its website. “Made with our ‘more cocoa, less sugar’ mantra in mind, these 70% and 100% dark chocolate Easter eggs, dark chocolate bunnies, egglets and more are all vegan-friendly and – as always – brimming with cocoa satisfaction.”

Hotel Chocolat aims to be as ethical as possible, naming the company’s “three guiding principles” as “original, authentic, ethical.” The company is also one of the only chocolatiers in the world to grow its own cocoa — on a plantation in Saint Lucia.

“Connecting cocoa-growing with luxury chocolate making and retailing makes us unique in the UK,” the company states. “[It] gives us an in-depth understanding of the factors that impact the final flavour of our chocolate, right from the growing tree.”

Artisanal brand Montezuma has also recently announced new vegan additions to its Easter range. Dark chocolate peanut butter mini eggs, the 100% Cocoa “Button Egg”, and the sugar-free, gluten-free egg are all on offer for vegan chocolate lovers to get their hands on in preparation for their Easter feast. Vegan-friendly creme eggs are also now available from another UK brand, FabFudge. FabFudge was created by Jill Marriner, an MS sufferer who started the fudge-making business as a method of funding her treatment for the condition.

Image Credit: Hotel Chocolat