How Not to Die by Michael Greger MD – Book Review

how not to die book

How Not to Die

is an in depth piece of non-fiction constructed by Dr Michael Greger MD, with the vision to disseminate the current truths about nutrition.

Throughout the book, a myriad of diseases are mentioned (from osteoporosis to diabetes, lung disease, high blood pressure, cancers of all kinds, joint pains, asthma… I could go on) and the deeper you get, the more you begin to realize that these chronic illnesses are strongly associated with our own dietary choices.

The book is thick, but sectioned into easily digestible categories discussing both the problems we are facing and the solutions we can adopt within our lifestyle choices to combat them. In a nutshell the book advocates strongly for a whole food plant based diet and recommends it as the optimal path for avoiding many chronic diseases.

Nowadays the medical industry and Big Pharma are exactly that – industries, designed with the intention to make profit.  Well of course, these industries aren’t going to be making a profit if they outright cure our diseases, and as Dr Greger says himself, modern medical practices are much more about managing diseases as opposed to focusing on prevention and cures.

With the medical bodies having so much influence over government decisions, it’s frightening to think that they have the ability to officially recommend what people are eating. This paired with the financial power (and government ties) of the Egg, Dairy and Meat boards, the media we engage with on a daily basis is more often than not pushing some kind of animal product. No wonder we’re all getting so sick!

When you read How Not to Die, you begin wonder how you didn’t consider all of this stuff this before, as everything is hidden in plain sight. It makes sense.

Luckily the answer to avoiding a lot of these illnesses is as simple as putting the correct fuel in your vehicle.

I highly recommend checking out How Not to Die (which is also available as an audiobook) as well as exploring Michael Greger’s website, Nutrition Facts for more specific nutritional guidance.