How To Have A Completely Vegan Vacation

Pack your bags – it’s vegan vacation time! Here is your guide for a completely vegan vacation including which airlines carry plant-based food, tips for ethical tourism, reviews of some of the world’s greatest vegan restaurants, and a sneak peek at vegan hotels and cruises you need to book ASAP.

Airlines are offering plant-based meals, cutting ties with attractions such as SeaWorld on the grounds of animal welfare concerns, and reducing their footprint by banning beef and palm oil from flights.

Say goodbye to elephant rides, as they are cruel and harmful to the animals. Boycott the zoo as confinement causes psychological damage to animals called “zoochosis.” Instead, find an accredited elephant sanctuary through website Responsible Travel, or book a stay at the luxury Giraffe Manor in Nairobi.

Hotels? In Scotland, stay at the completely cruelty-free Saorsa 1875. In London, book a night’s stay at the Hilton’s new Vegan Suite. In Dublin, the Merrion Hotel offers a vegan menu.

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