How to Make Vegan Choices in Interior Design

Veganism is starting to make waves across the world in the food and fashion and beauty industries, but another area where we can make a great difference is in the home. As an interior designer, I am so excited to be able to offer clients exclusively cruelty-free options when it comes to designing their spaces. I wanted to share with you some great and innovative alternative options that are available, and this is just a small sampling!

How to Make Vegan Choices in Interior Design

The Vegan Answer to Leather

One of the biggest offenders and where people always assume ‘luxury’ is leather! So many mainstream furniture retailers are starting to offer leather alternative options. Some of the most exciting things are coming, such as leather made from pineapple leaves and mushrooms. Pinatex, for example, is an innovative new product made of fiber from the leaves of the pineapple plant to create cradle to cradle eco-friendly products that are durable as well as versatile. It can be ordered for custom upholstery.

Trade home furnishings brand Kravet is a good place to look for vegan materials. With over 2,000 faux leathers to choose from, you will never run out of options. Purchased from showrooms and designers all across the U.S., Canada, UK and Europe, these fabrics can be used to replace any type of application specifying leather, and they’re just as beautiful and soft and equally as durable.

Vegan Versions of Wool

Wool is found in an array of products, often in rugs. Look for Bamboo Silk, Viscose, Cotton, Jute, and Recycled Fibers. Home furnishings store Safevieh offers a large selection of wool alternative options in many styles from Traditional to Modern and its products are available throughout the U.S., Canada, UK, and Europe. Another option is Loloi, currently only available in the U.S. Loloi is a wonderful line carrying beautiful bamboo viscose, jute, and cotton options and more with some wonderful styles and designs.

Faux Over Fur

There are so many wonderful faux fur options available as throws, blankets, pillows and upholstery fabrics. They are just as gorgeous and soft as can be and come in so many varieties. Fabricut is an extensive fabrics line; its faux furs can be used for custom small piece upholstery, bedding, and pillows, and they have a nice range of option and styles.  Available internationally, you can purchase from Fabricut through a designer or showroom.

Known for its modern style, West Elm also has quite a variety of soft plush faux fur pillows and throw blankets as well as some upholstered pieces. The brand is available in over 60 countries and its product lines are constantly new and changing.

Vegan Duck-Free Down

Down is a major issue with throw pillows, furniture fill, and bedding; it is much more common than you might expect! Some wonderful options include soy-based filling for seat cushions and down alternatives such as kapok, buckwheat, and cotton for pillows and bedding.

Self-described as “Earth Friendly Upholstery”, Lee Industries offers not only incredibly eco- friendly upholstery, but it also offers soy-based cushions. NaturaLEE is made from soy-based foam and recycled and regenerated fibers, the styles are very versatile and can be uniquely customized; they’re available through retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

Anthropologie also carries a nice line of down alternative duvet inserts and pillows called Geneva, as well as select throw pillows with alternative inserts and covers. It currently has 200 shops worldwide.

Animal-Friendly Paint

It might come as a surprise that not all paint is cruelty-free. Some paints contain milk-derived ingredients or beeswax and yes, even paint is tested on animals. Look for a cruelty-free paint that is also eco-friendly with low or zero emissions for a healthier home, such as Benjamin Moore’sNatura” line. It has an extensive color selection and a high-end product that has zero emissions/VOC and is asthma and allergy friendly. No animal products or testing goes into its products and is available in 55 countries.

Farrow & Ball also offers eco-friendly, water-based paints low in VOCs. All products except ‘Soft Distemper’ and Casein Distemper’ are vegan. Its rich color range is a favorite of design fans everywhere, as all the shades coordinate with each other. Farrow & Ball is available in the UK, North America, Europe, and Canada.

Carry Out Your Own Research

Linen, Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Pinatex, Cork, Tencel, and Recycled Plastics are all great sustainable textile choices when deciding what to purchase. Natural fibers not only make your home healthier but help create a more eco-friendly home. Do your research when making choices for your home as animal testing and products are in some of the most innocuous places!

This is just the beginning in terms of the choices and options that are available and are becoming mainstream every day. The more we choose vegan and sustainable options for our homes and businesses, the more we can continue to see new and innovative products and materials. Let’s help educate friends and family on the wonderful alternatives that are just as beautiful and luxurious.

If you want to know more, or want to work with me (a vegan Interior Designer committed to using only cruelty-free materials in living spaces I revamp) on your home or business, please send me a message via Instagram or check out my site, I would love to talk to you!