How to Make Vegan Sausage and Pumpkin Ravioli

How to Make Vegan Sausage and Pumpkin Ravioli

Homemade egg-less fresh pasta with pumpkin sauce and pumpkin sausage filling.

This is the ultimate comfort food. Make this on a rainy Saturday with a glass of wine and cozy sweats, or on a meal prep day, and freeze them for later. This recipe is fall and comfort food in a dish! The filling and the sauce are amazing and so tasty, but also the pasta dough is amazing and so versatile!

The filling is packed with flavor and the sauce is just complementary to the filling, so if you plan on just making the sauce and skipping the filling for some reason, season accordingly.

I used Field Roast Apple Sage sausages because I thought it would fit perfectly with the pumpkin but you can, of course, use any other sausage, as long as it kind of goes with the flavors in the dish. Vegan ground beef could work as well. I could even see lentils in there if you cannot afford or find vegan meat.

If you love pumpkin, this recipe will be your jam! It’s so good, satisfying, tasty, and cozy!

This recipe is so versatile, especially the pasta dough recipe… I will be using this in many more recipes to come! It’s super easy to make homemade pasta, or at least easier than it looks. What kind of pasta are you excited to make? I am so excited to make tortellini soon!

Bon appétit!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.