Vegan Shoe Brand Huntd Creates Cruelty-Free Heels to Elevate Your Feet and Your Heels

Vegan Shoe Brand Huntd Creates Cruelty-Free Heels to Elevate Your Feet and Your Heels

Women are driving the vegan movement, and now, thanks to Australian fashion company Huntd they can do so in style, wearing the brand’s cruelty-free heels which are perfect for the ethical businesswoman.

Designed with working women in mind, the shoes feature simple colors like black and nude, and timeless, sophisticated styles. Some of the brand’s shoes also contain a hidden platform, meaning a busy work day won’t necessitate aching feet.

The brand’s designer, Nadhisha Lu, founded the business three years ago after struggling herself to replace leather. On Huntd’s website, the designer explains she stopped buying animal products in 2013 after watching a PETA x Stella McCartney video on the leather industry. However, she became frustrated that it was “difficult to find shoes that were well designed, made ethically and were as eco friendly as possible. So I decided to design my own.” Originating as a lifestyle blog, her venture developed into a successful label offering a range of stylish vegan heels. “I wanted to design a collection that first and foremost aligned with my values as an animal lover and secondly my love for fashion,” Lu said.


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7cm comfort heels coming in a few months! Available in our nudey pink and matte black and in 2 styles ?

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Lu wants to avoid contributing to the “miserable, torturous lives” of millions of animals who suffer for the sake of fashion, and therefore vows to never use leather, fur, silk, wool, or any other animal product.

The brand takes its passion for social justice through its supply chain, ensuring factory workers are paid and treated fairly. This mission of kindness also applies to the environment, so Huntd uses polyurethane as the main component of its shoes; this only emits water vapour into the atmosphere. The brand promises to “continue to… look into non plastics and even more environmentally friendly materials as we develop our brand into the future.” 

It is Lu’s mission to redefine the vegan fashion industry by providing thoughtfully designed, high-quality, on-trend footwear – all of which is kind to the planet and animals. She also says she plans to create vegan apparel in the near future.

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