Ice Cream Brand ‘Halo Top’ Introduce 7 Vegan Flavours!

Ice cream company, Halo Top, which advertises itself as ‘healthy ice cream…low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar’ has made a huge announcement that has got people pretty excited. Halo Top will add a huge 7 vegan flavours to its range! As stated by Halo, they are releasing ‘the world’s first low-calorie ice cream that is both non-dairy and vegan-friendly.’

The vegan frozen treats will be made with a coconut base and include varieties that have proved to be favourites in the dairy range. Among others, classic American flavors Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon Roll and Oatmeal Cookie will feature in Halo’s new range.

The brand haven’t compromised on the protein content of their ice creams by making them vegan friendly. Every pint of vegan Halo Top will provide a huge 12 grams of the stuff, so you really aren’t missing out on anything by opting for dairy free.

It appears the move to include a vegan version of their well loved, low-calorie treats was consumer led. Founder and CEO of Halo Top, Justin Woolverton, claims that ‘the number one request that we get from our fans is to make a non-dairy and vegan-friendly version of Halo Top.’ Adding, ‘[w]hether you have to or choose to restrict dairy — or only eat vegan — we always want to make sure we listen to our fans.’

Halo are one of many ice cream brands that have branched out into plant-based versions of their products. Dairy-reliant companies including plant based options in their ranges shows how consumer demands are changing, with people steering away from dairy and towards vegan alternatives.

As information becomes more widely available on the process of dairy farm, the greenhouse gases emitted by animal agriculture and the negative effect dairy has on our health, it’s likely that more ice cream companies will follow suit.

Image credit: People | USA Today | Food & Wine