IKEA UK Launches 2 Vegan Smoothie Flavors Made With Oat Milk

IKEA UK Launches 2 Vegan ‘Munsbit’ Smoothie Flavors Made With Dairy-Free Oat Milk

IKEA UK has introduced two vegan fruit smoothies made with dairy-free oat milk.

Called Munsbit, the plant-based beverages are intended to be “better snacking” for IKEA’s customers.

“When on the go, sometimes you need an instant, soothing pick-me-up,” the furniture retailer writes on its website. “And you might grab whatever is at hand. Perhaps something a bit too sugary or a bit too fatty. But snacking doesn’t have to be like that. In the IKEA store, the right choice is made easy.”

It continued, “The bring-along MUNSBIT fruit snacks, nut mixes and oat smoothies are small things that make a big difference. They’re simply better snacking.”


The Decline of Dairy

The inclusion of oat milk instead of dairy appears to be for environmental reasons. Describing the product, IKEA points out, “By drinking oats instead of dairy products you reduce your carbon footprint.” The largest-ever food production analysis, conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford, concluded that ditching dairy – and meat – is the “single biggest way” to reduce your impact on Earth, including greenhouse gas emissions as well as land and water use.

Swapping out dairy for vegan alternatives can also benefit health. Consumption of animal milk has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, and heart disease. Concerns over heart disease and breast cancer is actually helping to boost the nondairy milk market which is expected to reach $35.6 billion by 2024.

It’s not just vegans buying plant milk, either. A study from late last year found that 50 percent of all Americans, regardless of diet, purchase dairy-free milk.

IKEA’s Love for Vegan Food

The Munsbit smoothies are IKEA’s latest foray into plant-based food and drink, but not the first. Around the world, the furniture giant has introduced vegan versions of its popular hot dog. The launch proved popular; two months after they were released, IKEA reported it had sold around one million veggie dogs.

IKEAs in the UK offer vegan-friendly doughnuts, meatballs, caviar, and ice cream. IKEA Malaysia opted to ditch dairy entirely in its vanilla soft serve, replacing it with a vegan soy-based version.

The Munsbit smoothies are available in two flavours: blackcurrant, blueberry, and acerola; as well as apple, pear, and ginger. They cost £1.25 each.

Image Credit: IKEA

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