IKEA Launches Vegan Hot Dogs in Canada

IKEA vegan hot dog

In September, international furniture giant IKEA launched a vegan hot dog at its stores across the United States, closely following its European launch. Today, the eagerly awaited veggie dog is available in Canada.

The meatless hot dog – made from kale, red lentils, carrots, ginger, quinoa, onion, potatoes, and spices – comes served on a bun with mustard, roasted onion, and red cabbage. It was first served in Malmö, Sweden earlier this year, quickly earning a 95 percent approval rating from shoppers. After its widespread European launch, one million veggie dogs were purchased from IKEA in just two months.

The launch was motivated by a desire to offer healthier, more sustainable meals to IKEA shoppers. “Our aim is to provide food options that are healthy, delicious and good for our planet and so we are proud to introduce the veggie hot dog,” commented Brendan Seale, head of sustainability for IKEA Canada, in a statement.

As society’s concern for the planet grows, many are choosing to eschew meat and dairy from their diets, due to the heavy environmental impact associated with industrial animal agriculture. IKEA’s vegan hot dog appeals to the growing number of conscious consumers, boasting a carbon footprint that is approximately seven times less than its meat-based counterpart.


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The veggie hot dog isn’t IKEA’s first foray into plant-based food. In 2015, it launched a meatless version of its Swedish meatballs, called “veggie balls,” that are made from chickpeas. It also created its own plant-based vanilla soft-serve ice cream, made from soy. In Malaysian IKEA stores, the vegan version has replaced dairy ice cream altogether. Shoppers can also enjoy vegan doughnuts and caviar.

It is possible that more vegan and vegetarian food options are on the way. Alongside IKEA’s pledge to improve its environmental friendliness, the chain acknowledged the consumption of meat and dairy as an issue that needs addressing. “Through our size and reach we have the opportunity to inspire and enable more than one billion people to live better lives, within the limits of the planet,” said Inter IKEA Group’s CEO, Torbjörn Lööf.

As of today, the veggie hot dog will be available at all IKEA bistros in Canada.

Image Credit: IKEA

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