IKEA, Zara Home, and Anthropologie Win Vegan Homeware Awards for Cruelty-Free Furnishings

Anthropologie Bed with Dog Cropped

IKEA, Zara Home, and Anthropologie were all recently recognized by PETA for their ethical homeware lines. This recognition was part of PETA’s second annual Vegan Homeware Awards, which applauds companies for their dedication to providing quality furnishings and home goods that are also cruelty-free.

The vegan lifestyle isn’t just about the food one eats or the fashion and cosmetics one chooses to buy. Many animal-based textiles are found in furnishings, including leather sofas, feather-filled pillows, wool blankets, and even fur rugs. UK PETA Director, Elisa Allen, told House Beautiful UK, “Compassionate consumers can adorn their abodes with the beautiful, cruelty-free winners of PETA’s Vegan Homeware Awards.” She continued, “PETA is delighted to honor the forward-thinking companies that are meeting the booming demand for vegan homes with fashionable and functional pieces that are sure to make every space shine.”


Each company won the award for a specific item in its collection. Anthropologie was recognized for its Angelina Sofa in Turquoise. The minimalist-chic sofa is created with “performance wool,” a completely plant-based material that is meant to both cushion and endure. Zara was awarded Best Wool-Free Blanket for its Plain Weave Multicolored Blanket, which feels soft and cozy without harming sheep. Finally, IKEA took home a win for its Fårdrup vegan sheepskin rug. Awards were also given to Best Silk-Free Sheets, Best Vegan Cushions, and Best Vegan Candle, among other essential home goods.

Of these three companies, IKEA has also proven its commitment to its conscious plant-based consumers through its dining program. The international furniture store has veganized its famous Swedish meatballs and has slowly rolled out its latest plant-based product, the vegan hot dog. After months of testing and consumer trials, the hot dog received a 95% customer approval rating and is now available in select European locations. This new menu item is scheduled to cross the pond to the States in 2019, though it has already debuted at the recent Boston Calling music festival.

The evolution of vegan and cruelty-free products across multiple industries, from food to fashion to furnishing, demonstrates the mounting consumer desire to make more compassionate purchases.

For the full list of awardees, visit the award’s webpage.

Image Credit: Anthropologie and IKEA