Vegan Impossible Burgers Deliver an Alternative Menu this Thanksgiving

A new partnership between Postmates and Impossible Foods is bringing L.A. residents a treat over the Thanksgiving holiday: burgers.

Postmates will be the only delivery service offering on-demand free delivery of the plant based Impossible Burger throughout the holiday. Angelenos will be able to order the burger (via from Fatburger, a prominent burger chain that calls itself ‘The Last Great Hamburger Stand.’

However, this is just the start as both brands in the partnership hope that the Impossible Burger will be made available through Postmates from a number of different eateries in L.A. after the initial pilot.

Postmates and Impossible Foods make a great pairing with both companies striving to create sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Earlier this year, Postmates launched a zero-emissions fleet which they use coast-to-coast. The fleet is made up of electric bikes and scooters and is the first of it’s kind.

The Impossible Burger boasts 87% fewer greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to the average beef burger, as well as needing 95% less land and 75% water to be produced.

Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications at Postmates claims that their ‘customers have been asking for the Impossible Burger by name.’

The perfect marriage of sustainability, speed, and a great burger, just in time for the holidays.

Free delivery will be available up until 26th November.

Image credit: Impossible Foods