Starbucks Now Serves Vegan Impossible Meat in Hong Kong

Starbucks Now Serves Vegan Impossible Meat in Hong Kong

Starbucks Hong Kong just announced the launch of two new menu items featuring vegan meat made by Impossible Foods.

Both items use Impossible’s plant-based meat but include eggs and dairy. From September, the Maize Impossible Sandwich—topped with egg, mayonnaise, and cheese — and the Spiced Impossible Puff will debut across Hong Kong stores.

According to Andrew Hui, General Manager of Starbucks Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong is the first Starbucks retailer in Asia to add Impossible’s Breakfast Sausage to the menu.

“We’re joining hands with customers towards a better future, where we are more mindful of the choices we make in our daily routine,” said Hui in a press release.

The company explained that its expanded plant-based menu was primarily in response to increased customer demand, in addition to Starbucks’ aspiration to be a resource-positive company and the environmentally-friendly nature of many plant-based foods.

Starbucks Hong Kong also announced the launch of a Vegan Chocolate Bread Stick and three new dairy-free coffee beverages to the regional menu.

The Almond Milk Nutty Latte, Oat Milk Cocoa Macchiato, and Soymilk Sesame Latte are all available as hot, iced, or Frappuccino across Hong Kong and Macau’s Starbucks stores, in addition to eight other markets across Asia.

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Starbucks Adds Vegan Meat in Asia

In addition to Hong Kong’s plant-based Impossible Breakfast Sausage—and the additional dairy-free coffee options—Starbucks has also announced several other new meat-free items.

Singapore stores will serve the Impossible Wrap, featuring a meat-free patty, avocado omelet, and dairy cheese. The Taiwan menu will now feature Beyond Meat Bolognaise Penne, a Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich, and the Beyond Meatball Sandwich.

In Thailand, Starbucks’ menus will also feature the Beyond Meat Sandwich including a new meat-free patty topped with dairy cheese and thousand island sauce. While New Zealand stores will serve a Kiwi-inspired vegetarian Mince and Cheese Pie.

In July, Starbucks launched the Impossible Rendang Pie in Singapore. While in April, the company added five new menu items across China, each featuring plant-based meat.

The “GOOD GOOD” menu includes three distinct pasta and lasagna dishes, now served at more than 3,300 Chinese locations, and featuring Beyond Meat. Starbucks China also offers vegan meat from Hong Kong-based brand Omnipork in two dishes.

“A new wave of plant-based food and beverage products are making inroads in Asia and will continue to develop over the next few years, driven by customer interest in healthier lifestyles and eco-conscious behaviors,” said Maria Mascaraque, Industry Manager at Euromonitor.