Vegan “Impossible Burger” Pushes for Expansion in America’s Favorite Restaurants

Impossible Foods has launched a campaign, ‘Impossible Demand’ whereby customers can request their local restaurant to feature the burger on their menu, and in return, the restaurant will receive a discount off their first order.

The burger looks and tastes just like an ordinary beef burger, it even bleeds. However, as you’ve surely heard by now, the burger was made with zero animal products. If you love the taste of meat, but you love animals more, then this burger is your saving grace.

The brand made headlines back in September after it promised to work towards the ultimate goal of eliminating all animal products from food production by 2035. This is no easy feat, but the company already created the Impossible Burger, a challenge clearly does not scare them.

Impossible Foods has already been praised by the likes of Jaden Smith, Katy Perry and rumor has it, Peter Jackson, but now they need a little help from you to reach the goal of their mission.

The brand recently launched a campaign they have titled the ‘Impossible Demand.’ The process is simple, you enter the name of the restaurant you would like to offer the burger and your own email address into Once this has been completed, you will then receive a ‘hero ticket’ to your email address, you then pass this ticket onto your local restaurant and your work is done. Easy.

As it stands currently, over 5000 people have demanded their local restaurant to consider the burger, so what are you waiting for? If they redeem the ticket, the restaurant of your choice will receive a discount on their first order and you get to feel like a hero, everyone wins.