Impossible Foods’ Vegan Meat Could Revolutionize New Zealand’s Meat Export Trade

The New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has released a new report detailing consumer insights into the wildly popular vegan meat by Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. These US-based vegan meat companies are spearheading what has been dubbed the “vegan revolution.”

The report, “The Impossible Burger Consumer Insights,” shows a strong potential for the New Zealand market to uphaul its conventional animal agriculture farming in favor of healthier and more plant-based exports.

The extensive publication says 80 percent of people who have eaten an Impossible Burger enjoyed it, and 30 percent said they would eat it again. “This product [Impossible Foods’ patty] is at the forefront of companies that are innovating and significantly improving meat replacement products,” says the report. It suggested that the rise in popularity of plant-based meat could be due to its reduced environmental impact, in comparison with the production of animal-based meat.

Impossible Foods has generated $273.5 million USD ($388,178,550 NZD) of capital to fund its international expansion and development of plant-based meat and dairy products for “every cultural region of the world.” The vegan meat is reputable for tasting, smelling, cooking and even “bleeding” like a beef patty would, but it’s made from plants and gets its “blood” from heme iron – found in the roots of some plants. Although the report notes it is not popular with vegans and vegetarians (it’s a bit too real), meat-eaters demonstrated a great affinity for the Impossible Burger. This group of consumers expressed that they want to lessen their impact on the environment and improve their health, without giving up familiar and comforting animal-based foods.

MPI’s report is one of several it has recently published amid the meat industry’s fear of the shifting consumer preferences toward plant-based choices and the growing trend of “flexitarianism.” MPI just studied the Chinese consumer market, looking at the nation’s meat consumption in relation to New Zeland’s meat exports and how to optimize production to meet distribution demands.

Last month, food industry experts claimed vegan meat will be the norm in New Zealand by 2050 and a food futurist said clean meat will revolutionize the nation’s economy. Earlier this year, vegan food was named a top restaurant trend for the country.

Image Credit: Impossible Foods | Ministry for Primary Industries