Increasing Number of Couples Saying ‘I Do’ to Vegan Wedding Cakes

Increasing Number of Couples Saying 'I Do' to Vegan Wedding Cakes

More brides than ever before are requesting vegan wedding cakes, according to Bee Berrie, the award-winning owner and operator of the London-based bakery, Bee’s Bakery. While the bakery specializes in both traditional and vegan wedding cakes, Berrie told The Telegraph that her plant-based wedding cakes have been hugely successful with customers.

According to Berrie, the demand for vegan wedding cake is so high that most of her customers request that at least one tier is vegan.“It’s very cool right now. People care more about what they are eating,” said Berrie.

Berrie, follows a plant-based diet “50 percent” of the time, says that chocolate and avocado, banana and pecan, and lemon and lavender are the top-selling vegan wedding cake flavors at Bee’s Bakery. She ensures that her vegan wedding cake creations are just as good as traditional cakes. “I’ve spent hours perfecting recipes, tweaking the batter a bit here and there,” she said. “It’s been fun finding a new way to be creative with cakes.”

While planning a vegan wedding, like any wedding, will come with some amount of stress, it is getting easier as more consumers grow conscious of the food they eat. Last year, Vogue named vegan wedding food as one of the top wedding trends of the year and several other bakers have said that they have noticed an increase in vegan wedding cake orders in recent years.

In addition to filling custom cake orders, Berrie also divides her time among running her business and teaching vegan baking at the Jamie Oliver Cooking School in London. Berrie says that many of her students believe is that vegan cake will always taste different, a myth that she is determined to bust.

While traditional milk and cheese, eggs, butter, and honey are off the table when it comes to vegan baking, learning about vegan baking substitutions will help even amateur bakers build a solid foundation. Chef Chloe Coscarelli, who became the first vegan contestant to win the Food Network competition reality series “Cupcake Wars,” teaches vegan baking basics in her book “Chloe’s Vegan Desserts” and those looking for vegan gluten-free wedding cake options can find beginner tips in “Extraordinary Vegan and Gluten-Free Cakes.”