Vegan Food Trucks Arrive Across India to Curb Nation’s Meat Intake

India’s leading vegetarian meat producers “Good Dot” are set to launch a plant-based meat-centric food truck in Udaipur. Preceding the debut launch, Good Dot will also launch similar food trucks with a focus on plant-based protein in Ahmedabad, Bhilwara, Patna, Bangalore, and Jaipur or Lucknow — the company says it is still deciding between the two.

These six vegan food trucks, which will be in action within two months, will help increase the accessibility of vegan protein in India, alongside providing the Indian food market with convenient plant-based options. The company says it intends to launch more food trucks in twelve cities within the next six months.

Good Dot’s mission statement says the company operates with the purpose “[t]o bring high-quality, affordable vegetarian meat to all of India. We want to save lives, both human and animal, by providing an option without sacrifice.” The company notes that nowadays, the once predominantly vegetarian nation is seeing more than 70% of Indians eat an animal-product inclusive diet.

Studies continue to show that animal-based diets lead to an increase in the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease two-fold. Every 33 seconds an Indian dies of a heart attack. By offering healthier options, Good Dot hopes that opting for healthy vegan food that is still made to fit the specific taste demographic of India, will satisfy its customers while also being budget-friendly.

Food options at Good Dot will be on offer for as little as 50 Rupees (US~$0.77). The inclusive menu allows street-goers to choose from starters, wraps, main courses, combo meals, and even beverages.

Media publication Vegan First had the opportunity to sample options from Good Dot’s new Udaipur food truck. Author Naveen Akshar wrote: “[w]e tried a starter, a wrap and a main course dish and were extremely satisfied with the taste-quality, value for money and [nutritional] content of their dishes. We highly [recommend] any Vegan or non-vegan looking for plant-based alternatives for meat to give this a shot!”

Good Dot says the company is “an Indian start-up in the rapidly growing industry of plant-based protein products. We manufacture products in India, for India, by India.” Hence, the launch is well-fitted to India’s market, where vegetarianism is regarded as the ancestral diet Indians descended from, and where the lifestyle is accepted and recognized by most.

Editor’s Note 24/03/2018: This article was edited to reflect accurate pricing. The article originally stated the meals were valued at $7.66. The correct price is $0.77.

Image Credit: Vegan First | Good Dot