There’s an Inflatable Avocado Raft Now Because Vegans

If you’ve ever wished that you could cross books off your reading list while floating serenely in a giant inflatable avocado, then this is the summer of you.

Novelty brand LetsFunny happens to make one such pool float. It’s big, green, the pit doubles as a removable beach ball, it’s big enough for an adult human to use it as a raft, and it’s available on Amazon.

“There’s enough back-rest space to lay comfortably, I almost fell asleep on it as I floated down the river,” wrote one reviewer in a glowing testament to what’s possibly the most Millennial pool float, if the words of some are to be believed.

Avocado pool floats are a thing

If the aforementioned plant-powered pool float doesn’t satisfy your food-related pool float needs, then there’s this 36-inch inflatable pickle, complete with unblinking eyes and a wide grin frozen in time. It’s the perfect gift for people who like pickles.

One reviewer lavished praise on the novelty float, writing, “When a regular pickle just won’t do, I turn to this giant inflatable version. It’s smiley face just warms my heart. making me forget about my cat that ran away, the job I was just laid off from, my car that was stolen.”

A 36-inch pickle float spells summer fun | image/Rhode Island Novelty

Of course, there are still other options for the poolside foodie for whom pickles and avocados have no appeal.

Instead of drifting along the water in an avocado, you could be living your best life on a giant inflatable waffle, thanks to Target.

It measures five feet across, so it’s large enough for kids or a very short person to climb aboard and it features maple syrup and a pat of (presumably) dairy-free butter. It’s made by Kangaroo, which calls itself the “Luxury Car of Swimming Pool Toys.”

Whatever food-inspired pool float you go for, remember to arm yourself properly for summer fun. Always apply cruelty-free and vegan sunscreen to your body and face before spending time in the sun (it can help prevent skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology), wear sunglasses, and keep your reusable water bottle at your side.