Instagram Vegans vs. Real Life Vegans: The Unfiltered Truth

Let’s be real, no matter how advanced your insta-stalk game gets, Instagram vegans are like supermodels: they make everything seems easy. But, truth be told, when you’ve got a fulltime job to get to by 8 am every day, sometimes cornflakes for brekkie and mac n cheese for dinner is all a vegan can manage.

This new year, many people will be trying Veganuary. While your Instagram feed might be full of inspiration here’s a little reminder that sometimes we need to keep the expectations of ourselves real.

Instagram Vegans vs. Real Life Vegans: The Unfiltered Truth

Smoothie Bowl Breakfast vs. Cold Potato

Who actually has the time and/or motivation every morning to make their smoothie bowl look more put together than they do? Sometimes, last night’s leftover potato is the way to go.

Vegans Are Healthy vs. All The Junk Food Vegans

Yep, your feed may try lure you into a healthy eating trap – but as soon as the snacks aisle is in sight, there’s no hiding the accidentally vegan junk haven that lies within… and there’s no shame in that! (Maybe just don’t do it every day)

Eating Out vs. Frozen Pizza

Fancy restaurants can be overrated, expensive and sometimes offer very stingy portions. Thankfully the world has given us the magical and life-changing invention of frozen pizza. You’ll never look back.

Daily Gym Sessions vs. Chilling With Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Like, why get all sweaty when the ice cream tub can do the ‘sweating’ (defrosting) for you?

Going Out to Regular Veg Meet-Ups vs. Regularly Meeting New Cats

Not all towns have veg meet-ups, festivals, and the support of like-minded people – but don’t worry, cats will always understand you.

Juice Cleansing vs. 24/7 Pizzaholic

No matter how many juice-cleansed, glowy bodies there are on Instagram, there will always be an abundance of die-hard pizzaholics. In vegan pizza, we crust! 

Stunning Foodography vs. Slop in a Pot

The world isn’t all smoothie bowls, chocolate covered pancake stacks, edible flowers, and raw cheesecake (although that would be awesome) – sometimes (okay, all the time), life calls for a good ole’ bowl of sloppy leftovers. No shame!

Starting the Morning With Yoga vs. Not Getting up Until the Afternoon

While many ‘grammers are the 5 am rise and shine type, real life begins when you (begrudgingly) emerge from the haystack, mid-afternoon.

Sipping Starbucks Soy Lattes vs. 10 Instant Coffees Before Noon

In all realness, charging extra for soy is a burden no one should have to bear – thankfully, instant coffee tastes almost like a watered down Starbucks – sort of, maybe, okay no, but dump some sugar in there and it’ll do.

Having the Healthiest Option vs. Having the Tastiest Option

Weight-loss is often a motivating factor for people to try veganism, but a whole-food-plant-based diet isn’t the only way to be vegan. Every body is beautiful, have confidence that you don’t need to change a single thing, by enjoying that third vegan donut.

Having 10 Million Human Friends vs. Being a Kind-Hearted Introvert Who Prefers Feline/Canine Company

Humans can be awesome, but let’s face it: cats and dogs are the real best friends here.

Rescuing All The Animals vs. The Landlord Doesn’t Even Allow Cats

What vegan doesn’t dream of winning the lottery to open an animal rescue shelter? Unfortunately, the reality is more likely to be that your landlord doesn’t understand your burning desire to have animal companions as flatmates. (But you can volunteer to help at an animal shelter, be a dog walker or pet sitter!)


With all that being said, thank you to the vegan Instagrammers who give us inspirational superfood recipes every day, but forgive us for the leftover pizza we are about to eat for breakfast.