World’s Largest Group Travel Company Intrepid Travel Launches Vegan Adventure Packages

World's Largest Group Travel Company Intrepid Travel Launches Vegan Adventure Packages

Australian adventure travel giant, Intrepid Travel, has launched three brand new vegan tour packages, named “Vegan Food Adventures.”

India’s” Golden Triangle” is first on the list, with pre-planned stops in Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, listed on the itinerary. Put together with the knowledge of locals, and vegan influencers from Canada, the UK, and Australia, the food tour “ventures far beyond the masala dosa and veggie samosas of the high street cafes,” the company’s website states“It’s a chance to discover the side of Indian cooking you never knew existed.”

Next up is Thailand, with stops in Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, and Bangkok. “From mushroom and tofu to bamboo, beans, and coconut cream — [the diversity of Thai] vegan dishes on offer is a pleasant surprise” notes Intrepid Travel. Transitioning from Asia to Europe, Italy is the third new vegan food adventure from the travel gurus, with stays in Venice, Bologna, San Gimignano, and Rome planned for along the way. “It’s remarkable that Italy, where tradition runs so strong and deep, is where some of the world’s most progressive, innovative and exquisite vegan food experiences can be had,” observes the company.

Across Australia, the UK, and the US, vegan populations are surging, and more people are looking for a holiday that will suit their lifestyle. Back in November of last year, leading travel guide website, Lonely Planet, even predicted that vegan vacations would be the biggest travel trend for 2018.

“Food travel is here to stay,” said Food Tour Brand and Product Manager for Intrepid Travel, Neil Coletta, to Travel Pulse. He added, “it’s our responsibility as a leading travel company to provide a range of offerings that can suit all tastes and lifestyles.”  Chief Purpose Officer, Leigh Barnes continued, “as a responsible travel company that values purpose initiatives and sustainability in all aspects, we feel it’s important to encourage and celebrate vegan cultures and practices around the world as one way responsible travelers can help save our planet.” 

Each Intrepid Travel tour lasts a duration of eight days and prices start from £815 GBP, if you want to know more —  see here.