Israeli Meat Company to Launch New Vegan Range and Donate Profits to ‘Clean Meat’

Israeli-based food company, Soglowek, has announced it is launching a new range of vegan meats, The Good Food Institute (GFI) reported. According to GFI, the plant-based line, Zoglo’s, will donate 20 percent of its profit to SuperMeat, an Israeli ‘clean meat’ start-up.

Soglowek “is as well-known for its salami and sausage as it is for its kosher and vegetarian products,” GFI commented. However, the CEO of Soglowek, Eli Soglowek, has now said he would like to “invest time and money to do to the meat industry what Elon Musk is doing to the automobile industry.”

“I believe it’s grand, and that is the vision, allowing me and others to eat what they want,” he added. “I was born to a family of butchers, spending time in slaughterhouses since the age of 5.”

“Despite that, I love dogs, horses and also cows very much and would like to transition to eating cultured meat that is produced by machines using stem cells taken from real animals without causing harm to the animals and without polluting the planet,” he said.

Currently, Zoglo’s offer a line of plant-based meats, including nuggets, chicken and beef-style patties, and crispy cutlets. However, much of line contains animal products, such as egg. Reportedly, the new range by Zoglo’s will be vegan-friendly.

Increasingly, consumer habits around the globe are shifting away from animal products and toward plant-based food options. In fact, a recent report claimed an impressive 70% of the world’s population is reducing its meat intake.

Pioneering this movement is the rise of ‘clean meat’ and vegan meat products, which have become so popular they are now considered mainstream. These cruelty-free meats allow the most carnivorous consumer to indulge in the foods they love while avoiding the ethical and environmental concerns that are increasingly troubling the modern consumer. Recent data found almost half of young people are concerned about the environmental impact of meat.

Soglowek’s decision to donate 20 percent of its profits to SuperMeat, a clean meat company, is of notable importance, according to SuperMeat’s co-founder, Shir Friedman. Friedman commented, “This is yet another exciting example of the traditional meat industry supporting the efforts of bringing clean meat to life.”

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Previously, one of the leading meat producers, Tyson Foods, invested in clean meat brands with intentions to “disrupt the meat industry.” 

GFI highlighted that currently, Israel consumes more chicken than any other nation on Earth. However, simultaneously, Israel is home to a “hotbed of food innovation and veganism.” In fact, the country has been named one of the top destinations for vegan tourism in the world.

The vice president of international campaigns for PETA Asia, Jason Baker, said, “The country is a leader in the switch to vegan eating: plant-based restaurants are thriving and easily accessible to the one million Israelis – out of a population of eight million – who don’t eat meat.”

Image Credit: Soglowek | Memphis Meats