Italian Fashion Brand Creates Vegan Gold and Silver Biker Jackets From Pineapple Leather

Italian Fashion Brand Creates Vegan Gold and Silver Biker Jackets From Pineapple Leather

Italian fashion brand Altiir has launched cruelty-free gold and silver biker jackets made from vegan pineapple leather.

The neo-classic collection was inspired by vintage, tailored biker jackets, Altiir explains on its website. The clothing is made from a pineapple-derived material, called Piñatex, which was developed over the course of ten years by Dr. Carmen Hijosa.

In contrast to traditional leather – known for its detrimental impact on the planet and cruelty toward animals – the pineapple leather “positively impacts the environment,” reduces waste, and encourages social, cultural, and ecological development, Altiir says.

“The world is at a tipping point,” Altiir writes, adding that it has a responsibility to restructure the fashion industry to alleviate pressure from the “radically deteriorating planet.”

“It’s become a matter of necessity as much as desire,” said Altiir Creative Director Timothy Turner-Sutton. “We have to create sustainable products in ethical and cruelty-free ways if we are to continue to enjoy, and be proud of the pieces we invest in.”

Altiir creates luxury fashion garments, made from start-to-finish in Italy, for the modern conscious consumer. “This remarkable alternative to leather is created by the clever people at Piñatex. Not only incredibly functional but also objectively beautiful,” Turner-Sutton explained. The leaf fibers are strong and make for a unique texture that shapes around the body over time and ages gracefully.


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Turner-Sutton, along with the company’s co-creator Lincoln Godwin, is influenced by the late 60s rock ‘n’ roll counterculture of revolution-inspiring artists like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix.

“When you slide into one of the metallic finishes, you really do feel like a Rolling Stone: everybody wants to touch you!” Turner-Sutton commented.

Altiir isn’t alone in its quest for sustainable, vegan leather fashion. Piñatex has also been used by luxury fashion label Hugo Boss to make its first-ever line of vegan men’s shoes. Vegan brand James & Co. also uses the material to make animal-free leather jackets.

“This is a year for change,” Altiir says online. “[F]or individual voices to be heard, in all industries and all aspects of life. Let’s come together.”

Image Credit: Altiir

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